Iron Pax #3

Iron Pax #3

Workout Date:



Vit D


Quaker, Flyover, Coxswain, Rocky Top, Manziel, El Red Cardo

The Thang:

Conditions: Low 70s with a nice breeze.  Football is Coming!


It was last minute when YHC saw that the Q sheet was open for Bombsquad and had been wanting to do the Iron Pax workouts from F3Greenwood.  YHC put a HC on twitter and began to plan for the workout.  Next came raiding the 2.0s markers for a whiteboard to write up the beatdown.  YHC then arrived early to the AO to seek out any remaining coupons.  Fortunately, we had just enough for our stellar Saturday turnout with all the other current options available.


The Thang:


Get the HR up and prepare for the movements in the Iron Pax Challenge

SSH, 10 Burpees, LBAC, in reverse, Large AC, in reverse, Air press, 22 Hand release merkins, Tempo squats, Leg raises

Mozy over to pickup coupons and set up on the football field.


The workouts and YouTube demos can be found on the Iron Pax twitter account.


30 Minutes to accumulate AMRAP.

Ready. Exercise!

El Red Cardo started off with a bang motoring through the burps. Mumble Chatter then began about the difficulty of the Hand Release Merkins and not being able to cheat.  Flyover mistakenly thought extra broad jumps might be a good way to break them up!

After the 2nd round of burpees YHC felt the need for a little music to help the time pass.  The 90s Alternative station on Amazon started a little slow but then began to energize the Pax.

Red Cardo finished the full 375 reps with plenty of time to spare.  What comes next?  Rinse and Repeat from the top.

YHC kept the time and called one minute left.  Completed 32 Goblets on the second round for a total count of 486 reps.  Well behind our pace setter.



Return the coupons and clean up the field.  We then returned to the parking lot for 6MOM.

Scapular Merkins
Low Country Crab/ with a new name
American Hammers
Box Cutters
Elbow plank, knee taps



Pelicans game Monday
Open Q for bombsquad Monday

Prayer Requests:
Praise from Flyover, cousin’s illness has improved.
My father in law and family are still struggling with abdominal surgery complications.


Ecclesiastes 12:11-12
Words of the wise are given by one Shepherd. Beware of anything beyond these.


Aye!  Honor to Q, compete and get better with you guys.  I still need lots of sharpening!


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