Iron Pax Week 0

Iron Pax Week 0

Workout Date:





Sunshine, Rubber, Buffet, High Interest, Quaker, Brown Bag (Respect), Vitamin D, Bo Peep (DR - F3 Cherokee), BoxCar, Texas Ranger, Beefsteak, Bluegrass, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO; The Village

Conditions: Clear, 73, 84% Humidity

Boxcar has EH’d YHC into becoming a regular Q at #TheVillage so YHC figured he would get in a Thursday Q instead of a Friday this time hoping for some bigger numbers the The Iron Pax Challenge released the Week 0 workout, so no need to get creative, the workout is already done!

YHC rolled in early about 0445 to set up and Bluegrass was already waiting at the gate.  Sunshine, Quaker and Texas Ranger rolled shortly after with Texas Ranger greeting this Texan with a grocery bag of #Whataburger Ketchup, Spicy Ketchup and Spicy Ranch from #HEB…Q gifts?  Awesome!  You gotta be from Texas to understand why this goes up there as one of the top 3 best gifts YHC has ever received!  Thanks TR!

Now to set up.  TR had already mapped out a couple of 400s at #TheVillage but YHC measured out the 400 meter course down the road so as to give the PAX a straight path, thinking that this group of #HIM would be ultra competitive and give them a shot at being as fast as possible. The pre-runners were off already so YHC decided to run this path 3 extra times to be sure it was as close to 400 as possible.  Other PAX started showing up, pre-runners were back and it is time to roll!

1 minute…well…not quite a minute warning



SSH IC x20

Stretch – touch your toes

High Knees IC x15

Stretch – straddle – left, middle, right

IW IC x10

Explanation and demonstration of expected form of the Laredo WOD for Iron Pax Challenge Week 0

6 Rounds:

24 Squats

24 Merkins

24 Walking Lungs (count right leg)

400 Meter Run




Announcements – 2nd F Mini-Golf (is this being rescheduled?), Shield Lock Challenge, GrowRuck, Mini-Marathon, time change at #Warthog, discussion and vote for time change preference at #BombSquad

Prayers – Texas Ranger is traveling with his family. Guidance in Leadership.


This was kind of a lazy Q as it was pre-made but it was a great beatdown!  Still trying to confirm times, as YHC was middle of the pack at 27:40.  The 6 was around 30 and thinking Beefsteak lead the PAX with 20:44.  This group of #HIM did awesome and pushed each other.  It was great to have #BoPeep in from F3 Cherokee.  Not sure he knew he was walking into the Iron Pax Challenge but he got a good beatdown in.  This was YHC’s first time at Q-Source and it was well worth the extra 20 minutes.  Thank you to Vit D for leading and the other PAX for participating.  This is something, YHC would like to be part of more often.  Not sure if we were seeing things but some of the PAX mentioned seeing a #sadclown carrying a kettlebell down the street…what’s that all about…weirdo…  Thank you for the opportunity to lead!  It’s an honor to be in the presence of these #HIM.





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