Is Pikachu Foreskins really a Vegetable

Is Pikachu Foreskins really a Vegetable

Workout Date:





Cross Stitch AOQ, Doughboy, Rubber, Sunshine, Speedbump, O’douls, Quaker (R), Drifter, Crop Duster, Candycane, Rousey (R) Co-3rd FQ, ERC, Elmers (R), Beefstake Pikachu Co-3Rd FQ QIC

The Thang:

AO Bombsquad 

Conditions High 60’s and sweaty balls

A lot of mumble chatter on slack about the CHAD1000 which originally appeared to be just at Warthog workout but after some debates every Saturday AO was doing it, That’s  the way it’s should be. Just Bombsquad was doing the extra as the CHAD 1000 doesn’t really need a Q so we talked about it and made it a pre-workout. Setup, step down, workout complete. Kinda that easy on paper but the 1000 reps with weight does get hard. Especially since I don’t use or enjoy extra weight. I already weight 255. What more do I need. Last 100 for me I just nutted up and smoked them out. But Quaker has some questionable search history in his phone. He enlightened us that there was a vegetable known as the Pikachu Foreskins. I mean, who on Twitter has that as an actual suggested item. I still don’t get and still not sure about the so called vegetable. But in any case it made for great content to get through the CHAD. Since I was on Q I thought what better way to honor our fallen on Saturday with the CHAD1000 and a beatdown. That way I could also actually get my Q points for leading the workout. The beatdown i had been planning for about a month on how it would work. Imagine that, me bringing a random idea and see if it sticks. I did show up to the AO at 4:30 to get everything setup.  Cross stitch, Candy Cane, Quaker & Pikachu completed the CHAD between 45 & 50 minutes. So we were all pretty close. Rousey tweaked himself so he did a 5K and ERC showed up and pre ran, I’m guessing 5-6 miles. 

One Minute Warning


15 Each IC, Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, 10 Ea LBACF,R, Big Arm Circles forward/reverse & 15 SSH

Walked with Pax for a bit 20 explaining the workout. Center station with 8 stations marked. Always come back to the middle for the Pikachu sled power station. 2 Pax with a rope anchored to each side of a concrete pipe and drag said pipe towards you with a 15’ tow rope and opposite Pax drags back towards him. Or do 10 burpees if station is busy or you want to forgo the power station. Most pax gave it a try. Some pax had a difficult time even moving the concrete sled filled with heavy blocks. I added extra blocks for those who wanted even more of a challenge. 

Stations were as follows

  1. 10 Tire Flips
  2. Merkin Agility ladder hops. Merkin and hop to next set of ladders
  3. 50 Tricep Extension with block
  4. 50 Overhead Press
  5. Core chest sliders on grass with a smooth slider 
  6. 50 Light curls or 20 heavy curls. I brought a special heavy block for this
  7. 5 Log flips
  8. 50 Single Arm bent over rows (25 Ea arm) or 20 heavy heavy bent over rows. 

One round took about 30 minutes. This was designed to be a workout that test how hard you want to push. Being a timed workout this could be a really scorcher. Once everyone was done we did a lap around the AO and back for some Dora core. Good way to finish up. Legs, body, core.

  1. 100 Iron Maiden Cross, P2 mosey across parking lot.
  2. 150 Crunchy Frog, P2 mosey across parking lot
  3. 200 Pretzel Crunch, P2 mosey across parking lot

Time Called. I planned on bringing the truck over but we men are built to do stupid things so everyone grabbed blocks, Cross Stitch grabbed the tire so that was an easy roll, Quaker and I grabbed the sled and drug it back to the truck which actually gave me another idea as this was a tough pull. ERC and Rousey grabbed the log to carry back and everyone else chipped in on blocks and miscellaneous items I had setup. All in all I had about 35 items to clean up. Guys did great and pushed hard through this one. Next time it will be timed. Not breaks next time

Count 15 actually 16 as Beefstake left at 6:30. 


Announcements Convergence next month, Operation Christmas child 25 shoe boxes as a region. Plantation lakes Turkey trot, Bling 5k in Carolina Forest. 

Sunshine family, Crop Duster Family