ISI DORA at Blackbeard’s

ISI DORA at Blackbeard’s

Workout Date:



Punch List - Guest Q


Bunch of PAX

The Thang:

YHC rolled up to the AO around 0515 to meet with a man named Heisenberg. We were talking and he said there was a guest Q on for today. I humbly admitted it was I… and then the rain began coming down. It got pretty heavy and lasted a few minutes into the start of the workout. Cars kept rolling in up until 0528. We were at 20 when the clock struck 0530. 

This is when everybody headed to the place where YHC was supposed to warm them up. Okay… I guess this is a good spot! 

COP – In Cadence

25 SSH 

15 Low Slow Squats

15 Al Gore Night Clubs 

11 Merkins 

Mosey over to sidelines of basketball court. YHC quoted a quick bible verse to set the intention behind the workout. 

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Proverbs 27:17

The goal of this DORA is to outdo your partner in rep count. While one PAX travels from sideline to sideline and back, the other does a movement. PAX keep their number of reps secret until both have completed the exercise. They then reveal to one another their number of reps, and the lower of the two does a penalty exercise to make up the difference. This competition is a way that we can sharpen one another physically. 

YHC let everybody partner up and then made a threesome with Billboard and his partner. A Ménage à Troi of pain as they call it. 


Upper Circuit – Lunge Walk Travel
Makhtar N’Diayes
Shoulder Taps
Penalty / Burpees


Lower Circuit – Bear Crawl Travel
Bomb Jacks
Kneehtar N’Daiyes
Squat Pulses
Penalty / Flutters


Core Circuit – Side Lunge/Step Travel
Dying Cockroach
Penalty / Squats


Bearpees from the baseline
One six count burpee, four steps of a bearcrawl in increasing succession like a Jack Webb.
1:4 – 6:24

YHC was a little gassed… so we headed back to COT to finish out with a little Mary. 

In N Outs x 15
Bicycles forward x 10
Bicycles backward x 10
Crunchy Frog x 10


Announcements –

NEWEST AO – The Oyster is meeting Mon/Wed at 0700 in Surfside

Prayers/Praises – 

Praise that Papa Smurf’s cancer is in remission! 

Pray for Rubber’s father who is battling illness.

Appreciate Grand Strand’s hospitality in allowing YHC to lead. The PAX were happy to put into the work, with Bubble(s) seeming time be the #king of the group. Looking forward to posting more this week. Shout out to Papa Smurf for posting. Every time I’ve visited he has been at Blackbeard’s. 

Until next time. Punch List out. 

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