Isn’t this a ruck workout?

Isn’t this a ruck workout?

Workout Date:





OneCall, Boxcar, Flop, Hoser, Headgear, Brady Bunch, Lombardi, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

77 … almost pleasant

1 minute warning and disclaimer

Head Northeast around the track for 1/2 lap and drop all rucks/sandbags on the South goal line.
Regroup on the track for the following: mosey to the first set of steps, run up/down, second and third set run up/down skipping a step, fourth set run up/down, finish the mosey around the track to the goal line.

On the goal line, PAX were partnered with the man beside them for an AMRAP DORA.  No counting (this was for you, Bling), just AMRAP till your partner returns.

  1. P1 curls, P2 mosey to 50 yd line and back – repeat x 2
  2. P1 squats, P2 farmer carry ruck & sandbag to 40 yd line and back – repeat x 2
  3. P1 tricep extensions, P2 bear crawl to 30 yd line and back (YHC started modifying to 1 set here to ensure we’d get to all the planned #goodlivin’)
  4. P1 monkey humpers, P2 sandbag hair burners to 20 yd line and back (this was a brutal combo!)

Back to the track for another mosey lap with the same bleachers as the first lap: single, double, double, single … those doubles BURN

  1. P1 american hammers, P2 mosey to 100 yd line and back – repeat x 2
  2. P1 LBCs, P2 high knee skips to 80 yd line a back
  3. P1 ruck or sandbag side lifts, P2 karaoke to 60 yd line and back
  4. P1 Parker Peters, P2 reverse mosey to 40 yd line and back

Another round of bleachers was planned here, but with the heavy breathing and complaints that this was supposed to be a ruck workout, YHC modified some.  Ruck up (leave sandbags), complete the lap, but on bleachers, go up-over-down, up-over-down.  Headgear was tasked with setting the pace for this lap and started a mosey out the gate. Some pretty large gaps started to form, but the 6 was picked up at the end of the lap.

Only a few minutes left:

  1. P1 merkins, P2 ruck on, reverse drag sandbag to 40 yd line and back
  2. All PAX ruck up with sandbags.  Everyone does calf raises and PAX take turns rucking to 10 yd line and back.  Thought this would go pretty quick, but everyone was wiped out and the rucking was very slow – extra calf work for all!

Cut across the field to the parking lot

Time Called!

Count-O-Rama – 8
–  FreedToBleed – Oct 30th – Check Slack and sign up!
–  5 yr anniversary at Blackbeard tomorrow (0515) – Warthog is closed!
– VQ (Tiny Dancer) at the Village tomorrow – Catapult closed!
Prayer requests:
–  Bling and Geno’s 2.0s in golfcart accident
–  Brady Bunch’s 2.0 after bike accident
– Early Bird’s young relative after four wheeler accident


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