Workout Date:



Kiwi (2 X Respect)


Beats, Flatliner, First Base, Hedgehog, Rocky Top, Crabs, O’Douls (AOQ), Rousey (Respect)

The Thang:

Conditions: Clear and 73 more humid than recently

Right off the bat things looked a little off and it was the missing AO Catapult American Flag Shovel – the AOQ O’Douls was letting us all know that the penalty was 25 Burpees when he saw fit to delve them out. Where was HOJO with the Flag – O’Douls said he threw rocks at his window and this was suppose to be Hojo’s last Catapult for a while since he was moving down to Conway and would be joining some of the Republic AOs for a workout. – No Hojo – mentally I was preparing for burpees but …

Well I have been out DR for about a week, for some reason my body had been telling me take a break. I think I had done 4-5 workouts the previous week but no excuses.  Boy could I tell that it had been about a week since my last work out. Catapult being a moderate AOQ I was able to plan something that allowed all to reach their goals on this day.  All of the PAX in attendance are hovering right around the 40 year mark with the except of Rousey who is 40+10 so I wanted to provide something that would keep them busy. A couple are nursing some past injuries, O’Douls and Flatliner but this work out was a good challenge allowing for moderation as all PAX saw fit.

The parking lot was newly refinished meaning all of Quakers block pushing trails had been covered up – boy those were fun to attend :(. But I like to enjoy that nice playing field located out back so that is where I set up my Isosceles Triangle work out.

Warm up – all in PERFECT Cadence 🙂

15 Harry Rockettes

15 TTT

10 Windmills


15 SSH

22 Merkins on my down

Mosey once around the Q to block pile then on to the field

Isosceles – I asked Hedgehog if he knew what an Isosceles Triangle was and it was if he had just left his HS / GS? math class because his answer was correct and immediate! – smart PAX out here at Catapult –  Isosceles Triangle consists of two longer legs and one shorter with three stations:

Station 1: Blocks – 40 curls, 30 Tri-Ext, 20 Bent over Rows (I was corrected on my use of incline rows since no one knew what inclined rows were) and finally 10 Lion Kings

Complete one exercise each circuit starting with curls and moving down then Karaoke to Station 2

Station 2: Mary Mary – 40 LBCs or BBSUs, 30 – 2 count American Hammers, 20 Boxcutters, and 10 Crunchy frogs (just for Pikachu)

Complete one exercise starting with 40 LBCs/BBSUs and Bear Crawl to station 3 (this was the shorter leg of the Triangle)

Station 3 – Working on the toothpicks (legs) – 40 Squats, 30 Calf Raises, 20 Mountain Climbers, 10 Lunges

Complete one exercise and a mosey to back to station 1 for the next exercise.

While I was telling the guys to make sure form was correct I immediately got behind (I mean its not like I talk to much but I wanted to make sure these guys did them right!) I am sure it had nothing to do with how old I am (ha ha) but these guys did the fastest 40 curls I have ever seen.  Well from then on I was picking up the six as I kind of expected but Flatliner still recuperating from a knee injury was always in sight.

We did all four rounds and still had plenty of time so after a 10 count (to let me catch my breath) we moved toward the church did another 22 Merkins in Cadence

Back to the Triangle for one first round exercises of 20 each.  This finished up time – back to the block pile and flag which had mysteriously appeared out of thin air (Thanks HOJO) so we were able to avoid the Burpees which was good for the Q.

Rousey assist YHC with some light stretching and Time!

COR – 9

NOR – there were some technical difficulties by YHC at this point so video was a little fuzzy and short.

Praise and Prayers for Teachers, Soldiers, First Responders, and all dealing with Covid -as well as unannounced prayers.


Announcements – 10 year, Warthog new AOQ – Fergie!, New AO in NMB – Rucking – The Edge. Thursday – 6 year anniversary at BlackBeard, Freed to Bleed – October 29, update on schools from our teacher of the year Rocky Top, Rousey told us about some 3F shield locks being formed and upcoming studies that all would enjoy – Pikachu is heading up 3F so looking forward to getting some spiritual growth going.

Honor to lead!




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