It feels like the first time! (VQ)

It feels like the first time! (VQ)

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The Thang:

YHC arrived about 6:30 AM noticeably nervous for his VQ. Billboard and Flash were on a pre-bike ride. YHC decided to run 3 laps on the track to shake off the VQ jitters, and noticed some PAX beginning to arrive. A couple of minutes later, two local FNG’s arrived (without being directly EH’d) and said they found out about us on the recent podcast posted on @artofmanliness about F3. Other than that we had the normal pre-workout mumblechatter and a parking lot full as there were Soccer tournaments in full swing.

Conditions: Humid, but overcast so not as hot as it has been recently.

One minute warning given.

0700 Time called, Mosey to the Flags (Grass Patch posted with the Riviera Flag), and Disclaimer given.

Warm up:

10 Burpees OYO

20-SSHs IC

20 Baby arm circles – forward IC

20 Baby arm circles – reverse IC

20 Overhead claps IC

20 Moroccan night clubs – IC (hip action optional)


15-Windmills IC

15-Imperial Walkers IC

15 Hillbillies IC 


Indian Run around the track 2 laps – MOSEY PACE. (1 burpee for Pax in the back, then sprint to the front) 

Mosey to stop #2 the fountain at Valor Park – Mucho Chesto – 10 Incline Merkin OYO, 10 Derkin OYO, 10 Wide Merkin OYO, 10 Diamond Merkin OYO, 10 step ups OYO. Al Gore until everyone is done.

The next exercise was to Partner up with “Catch me if you can” around Valor Park. (3 burpees then catch your jogging partner and switch.) 

Next was a plan to Mosey to stop #3 at the top of the adjacent parking garage and do some work. After the first level it became apparent to YHC (and others) that not everyone enjoyed running as much as YHC. Some PAX were falling behind and we circled the Mosey to catch everyone. YHC asked One Call to lead us in a couple of Mary exercises to get the heart rates back down before Mutiny ensued. One Call then lead us in a bearcrawl/Mosey to the Top. We began the decent with lunges before Moseying down to level 2.

YHC then asked Billboard to lead in a pre-Mary work and after about 5 minutes of holding 6 inches off the ground in various exercises , Mumblechatter was indicating that YHC should take the reins again.

Next we moseyed to stop #4 Bridge. Lunges across bridge (some opted for the Bearcrawl). Plank.

The next exercise was 20 through the tunnel (IC).

After another short Mosey we stopped at the picnic table for Dips. FIA (or a similar group) may or may not have been nearby to witness the work. It was now time to Mosey back to the base AO for Mary work.


20-Flutter Kicks IC


10 Carolina dry docks IC

15 dyeing cockroach

4 sets of Timebomb Burpees.


Numberrama, Namerama, FNG Welcome

Announcements: 2.0 workout at 8:30 today, Upcoming 2nd F event at the Pelicans Game August 5th at 7:05, bring M’s and 2.0’s. A reminder about Coffeeteria today was given.

Next, One Call explained the local Patch distinction and Valvano and Bluegrass completed 34 Burpees in Memory of Dipstick for the final step in earning the coveted F3 Grand Strand Patch.

YHC shared a brief devotion on Job 4:5 describing how sometimes it seems the Lord allows suffering in our lives in part to give us the moral right and authority to give authentic advice to others in similar situations. Otherwise our advice and guidance is only head knowledge and not as impactful. #HIM

Close in BOM

YHC would like to thank Grass Patch and High Interest for coming out to #Warthog today support me in the VQ today. Thanks also to Lombardi, Geno, and One Call for encouragement and info provided as I prepared. Welcome to the FNG’s! Safe travels for Quarantine back to Knoxville.

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