It takes two

It takes two

Workout Date:





Kitten and Brown Bag

The Thang:

The phone said it was 45 degrees when I rolled into the empty, rainy Village parking lot at 5:15, but it felt more like 25. As the rain came down, I wondered if anyone else would show up. Right at 5:30, Brown Bag pulled into the lot. We jogged over to the covered area near the playground, I gave the disclaimer, and we got to work with:

20 ssh ic


20 MCs ic

Tabata sweat angels

20 plank jacks ic

Kriss Kross will make you jump(squat)

20 Goofballs ic

Tabata air presses while holding a squat position

20 ssh ic


20 MCs ic

Tabata calf raises

20 plank jacks ic


20 American Hammers ic

20 Flutter kicks ic

20 Freddy Mercuries ic

20 ttt ic

At 6:15, time was called. We lifted prayers for a friend of Brown Bag’s family named Rhonda.

Great work, Brown Bag. Way to show up and keep the Q accountable on a rainy, cold morning. Thanks!

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