It’s a Friday Thang

It’s a Friday Thang

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Boxcar, Quaker, Crankbait, Rubber, El Red Cardo, Beefsteak, Texas Ranger, Brown Bag(QIC)

The Thang:


Warmed up nicely to the high 40’s

YHC pulled up to the open gate to 5 eagerly awaiting PAX at the Village AO. Some mumble chatter about the weather as we rubbed the sleepies out of our eyes and just as the 1-minute warning was given, Rubber screamed in like a Bat Outta He!! and joined us as we started precisely at 5:30 am. El Red Cardo slithered in a few minutes late.

COP: 25 SSH; 15 TTT; 15 Imperial Walkers; 15 Windmills

Hey, it’s Friday! Let’s mosey to the beach as a unit.

Upon arrival we held plank in a circle as one PAX at a time Bear Crawled around the circle. We continued to hold plank and reached right arm to the sky and then left arm to the sky.


Time for 11’s across the parking lot. Flavor of the day was Burpees and Jump Squats.

Mosey’d back to the AO for some Ab-O-Rama.

Brown Bag – Freddie Mercury’s

Boxcar – Hello Dolly’s

Quaker – Heels to Heaven

Crankbait – Pretzel Crunches

Rubber – Cheetah

El Red Cardo – American Hammers

Beefsteak – Terrible T’s


Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama

Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence at Bombsquad 12/22/201/ @ 0700

F3 Grandstrand Christmas Party @ Bandito’s 12/15/2018 @ 1900. $40 per person.

Quaker prayed us out.

Honor to Q!



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