Its All About the Relay

Its All About the Relay

Workout Date:



Tiny Dancer


Castaway, Bling, Boxcar, Hoser, Lombardi, Headgear

The Thang:

Conditions: Perfect

We started about a minute late.  Everyone was a little late getting out of their cars and onto the field.  Poor leadership is to blame.

Introduction and non-verbal disclaimer

Imperial Walkers IC 20

15 Merkins

Hillbillies IC 20

15 Merkins


15 Merkins


15 Merkins

Mosey 1 lap

Suicide Relay: Ruck and 60#, 1st person goes to the 10 yard line and back, 2nd to the 20 and back, 3rd to the 30 and back to the other goal line.  Losing team had to do ten burpees at the end.

Headgear, Hoser and Tiny Dancer v. Castaway, Lombardi, Boxcar and Bling

Team of 3 lost and did their burpees.

10 Count

Repeat Suicide Relay with only 60#.  Three teams this time: Bling and Tiny Dancer, Hoser and Headgear, and Lombardi, Castaway, and Boxcar.  All three teams tied.

10 Count

Stairs Relay: Rucks only, 1st person all the way up and down, 2nd person all the way up and down, etc for 8 total climbs.  Tiny Dancer, Headgear and Hoser v. Castaway, Lombardi, Boxcar and Bling.

Team of Three won.

10 Count

Stairs relay: no weight. Same teams

Team of Three won.  (Hoser is surprisingly quick).

Rucks on.  Half mile relay race around the track.   1st partner does a lap, then 2nd partner does a lap.  Somehow Headgear and Castaway got on the same team and barely beat Bling and I.

5 minutes of Mary

Announcements: Growruck, Village moving to Doug Shaw on April 20, Freed to Bleed.



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