It’s all going to hurt

It’s all going to hurt

Workout Date:





Kitten, Sunshine, War Eagle, Humpback, Skimmer (Respect!), and Brown Bag (Respect!)

The Thang:

It was about 60 degrees with clear skies when I jogged into the parking lot at the Village at 5:10. To my surprise, no one else was there. To my even greater surprise, at 5:14, no one else was there. I gave the one-minute warning to myself, and then five vehicles came rushing into the parking lot. At 5:15, I gave the disclaimer and then we got started.

To warm up, we did a burpee Indian run around the perimeter of the AO. Once we got back to the parking lot, we circled up and did an upper body COP:

20 MCs ic

20 plank jacks ic

20 shoulder taps ic

Jack Webbs

We concluded the upper body portion of the workout with an Indian bear crawl around the whole East parking lot.

Next, we moved on to the abs with:

40 flutter kicks ic

40 Freddy Mercury’s ic

40 LBCs ic

20 big boys oyo

We concluded the ab portion of the workout with Tabata sweat angels. At this point (presumably because his abs were hurting), Skimmer said, “I know what’s going to hurt tomorrow,” to which Sunshine replied, “Everything.” Wise words from the Nantan.

With our abs throbbing, we moved on to the lower body portion of the workout with:

30 calf raises ic

30 lunges oyo

7’s with squats at one end and jump squats at the other

Indian lunge walk around the parking lot

We closed with 5 sets of gassers.

By the end, everything did indeed hurt.


Thursday at 6 p.m. at Carolina Forest Elementary School – Team Dad; come early and lead dads in COP-style exercises.

Be on the news at Warthog Thursday morning.

Dragon boat practice Friday 6:45 p.m.

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