It’s Better Than Doing Nothing 😊

It’s Better Than Doing Nothing 😊

Workout Date:





1st Base, Pikachu, O’Doules, Single Barrel. Sawdust, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:


AO: Catapult

Conditions: 47 degrees, calm, dry

YHC was the 1st to arrive and as I took a lap around the AO, I thought about putting out some cones 50 yrds apart just to mess with the guys. Afterall the key to today’s beatdown was to keep the PAX guessing what was next. No one could mentally prepare for the next rep or the next exercise because there was no theme, no pattern, & no clues. No one knew what might happen, including YHC!!

The only thing for certain is that everyone would be pushed to get better, oh yeah & Harry Rockets! You’re not at the Catapult unless the beatdown begins with Harry Rockets!!

As Pikachu planted the Shovel Flag, YHC & O’Doules sauntered towards the middle of the parking lot enjoying the balmy weather, which was a far cry from yesterday’s temperatures. Next to arrive was 1st Base lookin’ lean & mean. Then Sawdust entered the COP and finally after mauling around on the outer fringe, Single Barrel entered the circle. Another minute passed with no newcomers and it was time to light this fuse!

5:14 One Minute Warning

5:15 Proper Disclaimer

COP: 20 Harry Rockets IC; 10 Merkins IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 5 Merkins OYO; 15 Hillbillies IC; 15 Merkins OYO; 20 Tempo Squats; 20 Merkins OYO; 15 LBAC IC; 14 LBAC in Reverse IC; 22 Merkins IC


Mosey out to Carolina Forest Blvd, then turn left onto the run path and continue to the main entrance of CFCC. Take another left until we reach the Large Parking Lot. Back pedal to the north corner, then around to the center of the large parking lot. Karaoke south down the center of the large parking lot, then Karaoke back to the north end along the westside of the parking lot. Continue to mosey past the concession stand and into the back parking lot. Back pedal the length of the back parking lot to the grass.

Go to the coupon pile and each Pax retrieved a cinder block and lined up on westside of the Shovel Flag lot.

Exercise #1: 15 decline Merkins on the block . . . Rifle Carry to middle of Shovel Flag Lot.

Exercise #2 – 20 Deep Squats onto the Block IC . . .Rifle Carry to the end of the Shovel Flag Lot

Exercise #3: 20 Overhead Block Presses . . . Rifle Carry to the Cross

Exercise #4: 15 Dips on the Block on the curb IC . . . Rifle Carry to center light of Large Parking Lot

Bearcrawl across the width of the large Parking Lot to the 1st line . . .Mosey back to the start . . .Tin Soldier the width of the Large Parking Lot to the 2nd line . . . Mosey back to the start . . .Then Lunge Walk the entire width of the Large Parking Lot to the white fence. . .Mosey back to the start . . . Rifle Carry the block to northwest corner of the Large Parking Lot

Exercise #5: 10 Bent Over Rows IC . . . Rifle Carry to the southwest corner of the Large Parking Lot

Exercise #6: 15 Incline Merkins . . . Rifle Carry to the Back Parking Lot in front of the Transformer Boxes

Exercise #7: 15 Tricep Block Extensions . . . Rifle Carry to the 1st Lightpole

Exercise #8: Step ups on the block with a High Knee (10 each leg) . . . Rifle Carry to next Lightpole

Exercise #9: 15 Block Squats IC . . .Rifle Carry to the Coupon Pile and rack the blocks

Line up on northern end of the Shovel Flag Lot . . .Mosey to the Carolina Forest Blvd . . . turn left onto the run path. Mosey to the entrance . . . turn left and mosey around the Cross . . .continue to mosey through large parking lot, then past the concession stand until we reached the back parking lot.

Jail Break back to the Shovel Flag

1 Minute of Mary: 15 FlutterKicks IC

2 Minutes of Stretching

6:00 – Time Called

Count-o-Rama = 6


Announcements: BombSquad AOQ handoff next week (Monday 2.15.2021)!! Catapult 2 year Anniversary next week (2.16.2021); Catapult AOQ handoff next week (2.18.2021). Free to Bleed-3/2/2021

Prayers for family & friends affected by Covid; Prayers for O’Doules’ Aunt; Prayers for Jeff Walsh & his family as he/they battle cancer.

Moleskin: Great turnout today! Thank y’all for getting up, getting out, and getting better. T-claps to Sawdust (2 post in the past week – even with a wounded wing). We did a lot of block work today and plenty of movement around the entire AO. I’m glad all the PAX agreed, “It was better than doing nothing!!” 😊




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