Its No Walk In The Park . . . SuperGloom Pre-run

Its No Walk In The Park . . . SuperGloom Pre-run

Workout Date:





Texas Ranger, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 75 Degrees, calm

YHC has missed the pre-runs at BombSquad during our training for the P200 a few months ago, so a late evening tweet was sent out to the PAX to see if there was any interest in getting back in the SuperGloom. As YHC reviewed recent tweets, YHC also saw that Goldberg & FedEx were leading a pre-run at the Nuthouse, too. Their start time was 4:45 (30 minutes prior to the Beatdown). That sounded like a great time to start and would give YHC and any fellow PAX who HC a full 45 minute pre-run before the start of BombSquad. The tweet went out at 8:30 and by 10:30 there was no HC so YHC let everyone know that YHC would be heading north to The Nuthouse for a pre-run unless someone HC’d in the morning. YHC had to be on the road at 4:30 in order to make it to The Nuthouse on time and when YHC checked his messages he was not surprised to hear crickets. As YHC headed out of Plantation Lakes he passed one car heading in the opposite direction and was firmly convinced that there would be no pre-run at BombSquad today.

As YHC neared BombSquad, however, a Truck was pulling into the AO. Did my eyes deceive me? YHC had to investigate just in case someone answered my call. As YHC pulled in he recognized Texas Ranger sitting in his truck. . .Awesome!!  Texas Ranger said he was up early this a.m. and saw my tweet and figured “why not”, after all the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon is right around the corner (4 monhs). Texas sent me a text a 4:36 with his HC (I didn’t see it until he told me). This was Texas’ 1st time pre-running in the SuperGloom, so I explain the Avalon Loop to him, we stretched for 5 minutes, then lit the head lamp and were off into the SuperGloom.

4:40 – Stretching

4:45 – Lets Go!!


To start we ran south across the open field next to the Shovel Flag Lot and through the tree line onto the cart path at Turnberry Park. Once we were on the cart path we made a hard left and followed it until it intersected with Silvercrest Drive. We followed Silvercrest drive north through the community. We then turned left again onto Stoney Falls Blvd which led us through the next community, Avalon. I explained to TR that this was a great route because you can’t make a mistake and get lost in the neighborhood because the road ends in a Cul-a-Sac which forces the PAX to turn around for the return trip.

We came back the way we went and entered the AO with about 12 minutes to spare. The PAX put our additional 12 minutes to good use by running 3 full laps around perimeter of AO (.33 miles per lap). As YHC finished his last lap, Brown Bag mosey’d by as he set up the sound system for the upcoming beat down. All in all Texas Ranger recorded 3.6 miles for himself and YHC came in just over 4 miles.





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