It’s quiet, to quiet

It’s quiet, to quiet

Workout Date:





Spork, Headgear, E.R.C, StrikeOut, Mudslide, Flop, Brownbag(Respect),TexasRanger, Rainman, Quaker ( respect)

The Thang:

Arrived early, 0500 like I Always do. I decide this go around the Mosquitoes will not be dining on my flesh, out of the gloom two cars came rolling in early. To my surprise it was Mudslide, and strikeout. As we set in the gloom brief mumble chatter and on goings, when some one asked what time we start? I advised 0530…..Oh! Cause the website says 0515…… it doesn’t matter you had a lot of time to chat with YHC and we got to know each other better…. As usual most of the somber Bombsquad boys come rolling in close to start time….

I took a lap around the church and continued to stretch with the sneakiest of sneaks ERC came up form behind us, if it wasn’t for a small pebble giving away his position, I would have been dead. Not today death not today.

spork and brown bag came rolling In at the one minute mark….. and we started off.

Disclaimer given.

30 SSH

15 I.W

5 burpees

15 TTT

Some where around here there was a discussion about my shorts and bug spray. I only have two pairs of short…. don’t judge me.

20 Tempo squats

15 hillbillies

5 burpees

22 merkins OYO

somewhere in here my shorts where brought up again….. stop judging me.

20 LBAC forward

20 LBAC reverse

15 OHC

Mosey around church.

Unlike the the mothership, Warthog…. the mumble chatter is tops, theses boys here. No talk all action. While in YHC opinion, Warthog is the best…. you want to work out with some dudes that shut up and get after it……this is where you need to be.

side note

Backdraft and I apparently have been appointed some kind of couple. Cause we get going on a work out and won’t shut up…..great minds, work best together and it’s to quit out here in Bombsquad gotta have some noise.

The THang


1 set

5 burpees

10 merkins

15 squats


Mosey to the ball park and back

LBC on the 6

2 set

5 burpees

10 diamond merkins

15 4 count flutters

20 squats

Bear crawl to light pole mosey back

LBC in the 6

3 set

5 burpees

10 wide are merkins

15 prisoner squats

20 heels to heaven

Karaokee to polemosey back

4 set

5 burpees

10 walk out merkins

15 4 count Freddie Mercuries

20 Carolina dry docks

Jail beak to fields and back.


For time.

11schanged to 7 for time.

With coupons.

Squats with over headposition.

Run with coupon

Alternating push up.

The boys got after it so we did  some coupon abb work.
20 blocks to God

15 alternating coupon American hammers

50 LBCs



If time,

Round of merry.

Box cutters

Toe taps,


Had discussed on goings, I forgot to count it off thanks Brownbag for keeping me in check.
name o Rama


for strikeout being back.
the current placement of America and its leader to look to God.

Always an honor to lead.

May you write your worries in the sand

Chisel your victories in stone.


Over and Out.


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