Judee Chop #4

Judee Chop #4

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Podcast, Sunshine, High Interest, Flyover and Vitamin D

The Thang:

Conditions: Cold!

After a brisk warm up by Quaker, the crew entered the outdoor dojo complete with frigid turf and worked mainly on Nage Waza (throwing).   Before any throws were taught, PAX learned how to take a fall using a shoulder roll using a slap to break momentum.  We then transitioned into high percentage throwing techniques starting with the basic O Goshi (major hip throw), then the more practical trifecta of Ippon Seoi nage (upper back throw), O Sotogari (major outer reap) and O Ouchigari (major inner reap)…basically your jab-cross-hook in Judo.  PAX were quick learners and I knew we had made progress when Sunshine (weighing in what felt like a buck fifty), threw YHC (a few more lbs. heavier & shorter) like a pro!  We ended the session with high percentage joint locking (via some Hapkido) whereby PAX learned an arm bar and hammer lock.  Quaker asked that YHC lead stretching/mobility exercises at the COP; however, my crew who were shivering from cold exacerbated by falling in the wet turf requested Merkins to warm backup!

JUDO MAXIM: Three fundamentals of successful throwing: Tsukuri (entry or fitting in), Kusushi (breaking balance) and Kake (movement or actual throw).

SELF DEFENSE MAXIM: I learned that 3 minutes is the response time by LE in an Active Shooter situation and that there is no a one-size fits all in a response plan.  Each organization, business or gathering has there own logistical pieces to hammer out and be ready in that awful 3 minute duration.  Are you ready?!

NMMS: Honored to Q!  All 5 PAX were quick learners and kept working (probably from the cold — lol).  I saw some good technique being executed!

NOTE:  Next Saturday is the last session of #JudeeChop for this season — so come and have some fun, but learn something practical!  YHC thought process for 2018 is to have 8-week sessions – Spring, Summer and Fall – adult sessions, 2.0 friendly sessions, guest instructors with LE and marital arts background and maybe an M and FiA women’s self defense session.



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