JudeeChop #3

JudeeChop #3

Workout Date:





High Interest, Flyover & Wreck it Ralph (2.0)

The Thang:

AO: Bombsquad

Conditions: Cool and damp.

1st Session (0600 – 0700):  After a brisk warm up by Quaker, High Interest and YHC entered the outdoor dojo and worked on NeWaza — pinning & holds, transitions and high percentage submissions similar to what was taught last Saturday.  We then spent the rest of the time working on Nage Waza — throwing starting with a literal crash course of learning how to fall via a shoulder roll into a slap, then the basic O Goshi (major hip throw), then finally the more practical trifecta of Ippon Seoi nage (upper back throw), O Sotogari (major outer reap) and O Ouchigari (major inner reap).  High Interest demonstrated to all PAX on YHC an O Goshi — good job Sir!

JUDO MAXIM: Terminology…why the emphasis on Japanese words for the techniques vs. just saying the English equivalent?  Number 1…Judo is practiced all over the world.  So, I can walk into a Russion dojo not know a lick of Ruski but still understand (via the use of correct Japanese terminology of the technique) what is being taught/practiced/executed.  Number 2…it sounds so cool!

2nd Session (0830 – 0930): Flyover and Wreck it Ralph (2.0 aka Jackson who I mistakenly named “Action Jackson” the first time) practiced the 5 lines of attack with the escrima stick, stick self defense #1 & 2, and YHC showed WIR an escape from a pin, wrist grab & bear hug.  Flyover learned high percentage blocking/intercepting/entering technique of “spearing”, how circular energy is superior to linear and basic theories regarding edged weapon defense (even vs. firearm…its not 20 – 25′ away from the attacker…its more basic (think 2nd T)).  Good job guys!

SELF DEFENSE MAXIM: You are your first line of defense in a home invasion and fire/life-safety event.  Keep it simple, daydream your nightmares, and drill, drill & drill.

NMMS: Honored to Q!  Starting to get into a rhythm with what works the best regarding curriculum, interest level, complexity, weather, etc.

NOTE: No JudeeChop next 2 Saturdays (10/28 Halloween Convergence and 11/4 Spartan Beast with me & Feathers).  We’ll pick it up afterwards for 2 more sessions.

NOTE 2: Great job & congrats to all participating/competing/surviving in all the races (rucking, 1/2 marathon & adventure race) this past Saturday! #HIM.


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