JudeeChop #5

JudeeChop #5

Workout Date:





High Interest

The Thang:

Conditions: Cool and somewhat dry.

After a short but energetic warm up from Sunshine, we moseyed on over to the outdoor mat.  This time it was only High Interest and YHC.  This was fine as High Interest was one of the veteran Qs who encouraged me to launch this unique AO and see what happens.  This was also the last session for the season as the weather definitely plays a crucial role in the success of the work out.

We warmed up with break falls forward and backwards.  Then we hit several iterations of the throws that the PAX had been learning the past few weeks.  YHC brought out his old gi top so that the throws could be more aggressive without tearing collars of our nifty (and not cheap) F3 gear.  High Interest was showing some “skillz” – looking a little like Judo Olympian Mike Swain – learned a new throw (very practical) off of a front collar grab.  We did some combo throwing/pin/transition and submission chains and some pinning with active resistance.  YHC wrapped up the session with a defense against an edged weapon with theory and technique (Russian tie-up).

We then joined the other PAX, did some crazy coupon combo with cinder blocks and finished out the day’s workout.

Judo Maxim: “If there is effort, there is always accomplishment.” Jigoro Kano – founder/Judo

Self Defense Maxim: The best tactic against an eged weapon is “space” which is converse to gun self defense tactic.

NMMS: I have thoroughly enjoyed Qing this short term AO.  The PAX have been energetic, flexible and encouraging!  I plan on bringing it back Spring 18 with some more bells and whistles.  T-claps to High Interest and Podcast who have supported this AO with participation and cheerful recipients of falls, chokes, strikes and joint lock and getting dirty!


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