Judeechop – S3 – #5

Judeechop – S3 – #5

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Sunshine (Nan’tan)

The Thang:

Conditions: 70s – cloudy w/ threatening rain, but the humidity was low!

Today, the plan for #Judeechop/JC based on the weather and the fact that YHC/QIC was still recovering from his Super Spartan OCR last Saturday was Arnis (Philippino stick and knife).  So, no grappling in wet and muddy grass and limited high impact movement.

YHC also tweeted out to the Pax that we’d do a quick 20 min. HIIT (aka #Pre-chop/PC) from 5:30 – 5:50 to get in some EC.  Quaker HC for #PC and we got after it, then he did the regular beatdown — personifying a true 1st F Q!

Quick disclaimer with extra emphasis on safety given, history & today’s application of Arnis as a combative…and we then practiced the following:

  1. 5-ct. slash set w/ escrima stick; partner work with slash set.
  2. 3 counters; demo of empty hands vs. stick.
  3. 5-ct. slash set with knife; 1 counter empty hands vs. blade.
  4. Final demos; Q&A.

Arnis is a very practical combative.  Force multipliers such as using the stick (or a tire iron) and knife (or a screwdriver) can quickly give you dominate position in a SD scenario.

We went for apx. 45 minutes and then joined up with the boot campers to finish the morning strong!

NMMS: This was session #5; Hamburglar was on Q last week at #Warthog doing BJJ for the record.  Thank you Sir!  Works very late in the restaurant business and still covers my Q while I tried to keep up w/ “the” #CharlieSoto at the Spartan.  Nice to work one-on-one with Sunshine.  He picked up the techniques quickly and understood their effectiveness.  More importantly, #JC wouldn’t have happened w/o him forgoing the boot camp this morning and doing something a little out of his normal routine — personifying a true Nan’tan.

NMMS 2: Please pray for El Paso and Dayton…and the ensuing discussions our country will be having.

Honor to Q!



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