Judeechop – S3 – #6

Judeechop – S3 – #6

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Headgear (#WH AOQ) and Ezekiel (DR Pax F3 Carpex)

The Thang:

Conditions: High 80s – SC humidity in full force!

With 2 recent active shooter (with mass casualty) events rocking the nation, YHC/QIC thought it would be timely to begin wrapping up the #Judeechop (#JC) season (only 2 more sessions) with a weapon defense & disarm (WDD) focus along with informal active shooter Q&A.

Quick disclaimer with extra emphasis on safety given, overview of the curriculum with emphasis that executing these techniques in an actual situation is tenuous at best …and we then practiced the following:

  1. V-step.  3 high percentage pressure point strikes to assist our WDD.
  2. WDD #1. Ballistic weapon (ex. escrima stick, club, bat, etc.) WDD off of a line #2 attack.
  3. WDD #2. Edged weapon WDD off of a line #5 attack (poke).  Prior to working this technique, QIC taught Pax “bail-out” knife pin if the intended WDD technique feces hit the oscillating blades.
  4. WDD #3. Edged weapon WDD off of a line #5 attack (psycho stab).
  5. 5-ct. slash set with knife.  Demo of Karambit.  Blade is easy to carry and a readily deployable defensive force multiplier.
  6. Final demos; Q&A.
  7. Active Shooter informal Q&A.  Strategy, Tactics and Techniques; 3 Ss.  Daydream your nightmares; have a plan.  4-minutes; staying alive.  Run-hide-fight; do it with purpose.

At around 6:50, QIC called time as Pax coming for the #sotochaos bootcamp started arriving — curious, wondering if they were late, and what the heck with all the trainer knives and sticks on the ground.

NMMS: Headgear and Ezekiel were quick studies!  Hopefully they gleaned a nugget or 2 of wisdom and technique.  Great morning of an assortment of beatdowns at #Warthog.  YHC, Headgear and Ezekiel pre-rucked 2 miles w/ 3 rounds of Robbie Miller mayhem for an hour, #JC for an hour with some old man on Q and his rambling musings, and then completely spending ourselves at the main show — awesome morning!

NMMS 2: Please continue to pray for El Paso and Dayton.  Don’t spend your days on this rock being scared, but do stay vigilant.  You are your and your family’s first responder #HIM.

Honor to Q!



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