Judeechop – S3 – #7

Judeechop – S3 – #7

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The Thang:

Conditions: 70s with now bearable SC humidity. Goose crap everywhere…unbeknownst to us at the time because it was dark…good thing or we would have bailed.

This season of #JudeeChop (JC) was a bit disjointed with YHC having to go out of town twice for weeks at a time. So, YHC/QIC wanted to wrap up the season (at least regionally…last session is in Aynor/Anvil 9/7) with actually doing some Judo whereas we had done pretty much everything else (i.e. boxing, Arnis, Hapkido, and weapon defense) at previous #JC sessions instead of this combative. So, Judo this morning specifically throwing (aka Nage Waza).

We worked on:

  1. How to fall properly with forward rolls and breakfalls.
  2. 3 components of a throw.
  3. O-Goshi major hip throw.
  4. O-Soto-Gari major outer reap/throw.
  5. O-Uchi Gari major inner reap/throw.
  6. Ippon Seoi Nage upward back throw.

We took our time to make sure these 4 high percentage and popular throws were technically sound. Then YHC demonstrated 2 other throws.

Headgear and YHC wrapped up with taking turns executing 3 throws each for 2 or 3 rounds. 2 guys under 66” tall slinging each other around. We had a blast, but other Pax arriving early for the regular bootcamp (especially our DR folks) saw the scene and had a slightly worried expression that we’d be doing this – lol!


YHC enjoyed teaching and reinforcing the finer points of good Nage Waza technique. I wish we had a true crash pad to do some high velocity throws. Headgear’s wrestling background made him a quick study. One of his throws on YHC and the sudden stop to the turf rattled my jaws – good job #CharlieSoto #Sotochaos now #Sotohulksmash.

Honor to Q!


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