JudeeChop – Season 3 – Re-Launch!

JudeeChop – Season 3 – Re-Launch!

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Podcast, Headgear, Hamburglar and Karma

The Thang:

Conditions: 70s with moderate SC humidity and 1,000 gnats.

YHC/QIC was DR for over 2 weeks that postponed the seasonal re-launch of #JudeeChop a few weeks. YHC was glad to be back with his brothers to #getbetter!  And today was the day to start the ignition on #JC 2019 – our 3rd season!  #JC is a martial arts base workout that is low impact – high enegery and IR-Kotter-FNG friendly held during the summer.  This season brings back Podcast (steadily building his skillset and who has been there from the start!) and likely some regulars from the #BombSquad AO, but also new faces Headgear (D1 wrestler Edinboro University) and Hamburglar (a skilled Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu player) to help fortify the “ground game” in the #JC season!  The overall plan this morning was to showcase the breadth of combatives we’d work on this season.

This morning at the #Warthog AO, we had the 4 of us and then later Karma who was watching from the periphery initially and was later conscripted to come train (he did great!).

Disclaimer with extra emphasis on safety given, goals and objectives of this season stated by QIC, and we got to it!

  1. Boxing: Jab, cross and hook. We’d come back to this timeless combo in between the other sets to keep us moving.
  2. Hapkido: Center lock. Multi-purpose high percentage joint manipulation technique.
  3. Judo: Kesa Gatame or Scarfold hold. A high percentage pin on most (except Hamburglar!)
  4. Weapons defense: Gun disarm (head high). A productive conversation about this scenario ensued… this is one of the goals of this AO…to talk through a high stress high stakes situation now with none of its consequences.

With other Pax for the regular bootcamp rolling in and our material covered for this morning’s session, QIC called time and prayed us out.

Great re-launch this morning, solid energy and #mumblechatter by all and it should be a great season!  Interested, come to the next JudeeChop session at #BombSquad!  See the communication under Region News on the F3 Grandstrand website for details on times & places, etc. of #JC and 2.0 friendly workouts.

Honor to Q!



Psalm 144:1: Blessed be the Lord Jehovah who teaches my hands for war and my fingers for battle!

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