JudeeChop – The Return #5

JudeeChop – The Return #5

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The Thang:

Conditions: 80s with a little humidity.

YHC had promised to the PAX that this Saturday’s session of #JudeeChop/JC would actually consist of working on some Judo whereas we had done pretty much everything else (i.e. boxing, Arnis, Hapkido, and edged weapon defense) at previous #JC sessions instead of this combative.  So, Judo this morning specfically throwing (aka Nage Waza).

Podcast and YHC/QIC rolled in to the #BombSquad AO at 5:30 to get in 25 minutes of EC #JC Pre-Chop where we shadow boxed and did partner drills mixing in burpees.  The pace was set high in order to tax our cardio/endurance levels.

The regular bootcampers arrived; Quaker assuming the Q.  Welcome to F3, disclaimer, warm ups then the same duo headed back to edge of the AO where the other PAX would have lots of space for a classic Quaker beatdown.

We worked on:

1. How to fall properly with breakfalls and forward rolls.

2. 3 components of a throw.

3. O-Goshi major hip throw.

4. O-Soto-Gari major outer reap/throw.

We took our time to make sure these 2 high percentage and popular throws were technically sound.


Both Podcast and YHC had to dismiss early for various reasons so we did not finish out/COT with other bootcampers like we typically do.

I enjoyed teaching and reinforcing the finer points of good Nage Waza technique.  I wish we had a true crash pad to do some high velocity throws.  Podcast appeared to enjoy the detail work.  Don’t let his kind demeanor fool you; he is turning into a trained weapon of destruction.

Honor to Q!


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