JudeeChop – The Return #7

JudeeChop – The Return #7

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The Thang:

Conditions: 80s with a little humidity and intermittent rain.

Since the ground was soggy from the rains that occurred throughout the week, throwing and ground-work were out.  YHC also wanted to post for the regular Saturday morning bootcamp to catch up with fellow Pax from #Warthog.  So, my apt pupil and I settled on a 6-7am session of #JC with the focus on gun disarms.

Podcast and YHC/QIC rolled in to the #WH AO at 5:50, exchanged status of life, work & family and then delved into the wonderful world of executing gun disarms (i.e. empty hand vs. attacker with sidearm).

We worked on:

1. Having your mind right, when to attempt a disarm and sobering probability of success.

2. My action is quicker than your reaction.

3. Buying time.

4. Execute disarm and either re-racking stripped weapon/cover or use as a blunt weapon (it’s not your gun).

5. Disarms from 4 different positions/scenarios:

  • Head/high.
  • Body/middle.
  • Back.
  • Side.

QIC addressed a few other scenarios (ex. hostage situation); techniques weren’t practiced as time was running out.  QIC also taught a Hapkido wrist lock, arm bar and hammer lock.  It’s YHC intent to go back over these locks next Saturday.

A visiting Pax (Spamalot) from Winston-Salem rolled in early for the regular bootcamp, so YHC and Podcast ended the #JC session and welcomed our visitor-brother.

Glad to have an opportunity to refresh these techniques. Podcast is a quick learner!

Honor to Q!


“Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.  Bring a gun to a gun fight.  Bring multiple guns to a gun fight.  Bring multiple friends with multiple guns to a gun fight.”  Anonymous

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