JudeeChop – The Return #9

JudeeChop – The Return #9

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Conditions: 80s with low humidity and the ground was dry.

My apt pupil aka ninja in training and now FIA’s A list photographer (more on that later) Podcast indicated that he’d like to work on submissions (i.e. chokes, locks, and cranks) for today’s session of #JudeeChop.  We had drilled some positioning (i.e. high percentage holds like a Kesa Gatame) in prior sessions and were ready for the fun stuff you see on UFC.  There is saying in the grappling world…”no submission without position.”  We also agreed that we’d work out at #Warthog so that we could post at the bootcamp for the super secret guest Q from land afar (awesome beatdown btw!).

Podcast picked up YHC, status of life exchanged in transit and we rolled into the #WH AO at 6:00.

We then worked on the following submissions that were pulled from Judo, BJJ and catch wrestling (a grappleart with deep historical roots – Abe Lincoln was a catch wrestler):

1. Rear naked choke/Hadake Jime

2. Bar-chancery choke (2 variations)

3. Flat crank

4. 3/4 reverse lever choke

5. Ankle lock with heel hook variation

6. Knee bar

Weedeater and Whittle rolled up from their pre-cycling (#Saltygears) and we used the latter briefly as Uke for Podcast to work his Flat Crank with YHC watching.  Whittle in momentary discomfort; Podcast smiling as he tightened the crank.  Various PAX began arriving and YHC & Podcast ended the session.

It was at this point FIA who had an energetic army of PAX this morning finished their workout and assembled for a group picture.  They montioned for Podcast (the young stallion #bearded millennial) to take their group pic and waved me off  (the old gimpy clydesdale #getoffmylawn).

Glad to have an opportunity to refresh myself (I am rusty) and teach these high percentage submissions.  We’ll work these again weather & ground conditions permitting this Saturday.  We sure could use at least one other PAX so that I can monitor/correct the application of the technique…really I just hate being choked out while I’m teaching said choke – lol!

Honor to Q!  At this point y’all know that Podcast is a quiet stud!


Catch wrestling is a classical hybrid grapplingstyle and combat sport developed in Britain circa 1870 by J.G Chambers.[1] It was popularized by wrestlers of travelling funfairswho developed their own submission holds, or “hooks”, into their wrestling to increase their effectiveness against their opponents. Catch wrestling derives from a number of different styles, the English styles of Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling,[2] Cornwall and Devon wrestling,[2] Lancashire wrestling,[3] and Irish collar-and-elbow wrestling.

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