Just Another B.I.G. Monday at Bombsquad

Just Another B.I.G. Monday at Bombsquad

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Implants, Vit D, Beefsteak, Backdraft, O'Doul's, Sade, Humpback, Rubber, Gaucho, Gadiva, El Red Cardo, First Base, Snooki, Quaker, Crankbait, Buffett, Brown Bag QIC

The Thang:

73* with light rain mixed in.

YHC loves B.I.G. Mondays and knew there was a plate to step up to hit it outta the park. The tunes and the Weinke had to be strong! YHC learned that the self-proclaimed World’s Greatest Drummer, Ginger Baker, had passed away so the playlist master put together choice Cream and Blind Faith tunes to entertain in the gloom. The beatdown just materialized in print on Sunday afternoon. 

The Bombsquad PAX needed to start the week off with a good beatdown and here’s how it went:

At 0514 YHC called one minute and Humpback was actually there to hear it. Proper disclaimers were given, tunes were queued up and off went 17 PAX …



20 IW IC

YHC instructed all PAX to go grab a coupon and come back to the Shovel Flag as quickly as possible. Once back, YHC had the PAX line up from shortest to tallest and then we paired up with pairs being about the same height. The method to the madness was that the burpees soon to be revealed are partner high five burpees and YHC selfishly didn’t want the short guys to have to scale mountains to give a high five to a tall guy. YHC then unveiled the beatdown written out ever so nicely on a large piece of foam board. 

It read:

60 Burpees 

80 Merkins 

160 Flutters 

120 Curls 

80 Bent-over Rows 

80 Tricep Extension 

160 LBC 

160 Lunge Walk 

4 B.I.G. Laps

YHC explained that all numbers are divisible by 4 so most PAX did this 4 times – 15 High5 Partner Burpees, 20 hand clap partner merkins, 40 Flutters, 30 Curls, 20 Bent Over Rows, 20 Tricep Extensions, 40 LBC’s, 40 Lunge Walk and then ran 1 B.I.G. Lap.

YHC was paired up with Snooki and we pushed each other to get all 4 rounds done in time. With about 5 minutes to go YHC instructed the PAX to finish the exercise they were in the middle of while the PAX that completed the work returned the coupons. 

YHC then had all the PAX line up across from their partner to incorporate a little F2 into the F1. Did the partnered up PAX have conversations? Did they learn anything about each other? Each PAX then shared something about their partner PAX and YES!, the PAX had plenty to share! YHC learned that Snooki (Tom) was a junior pastor at CFCC, he moved here 5 years ago from Levittown, NY when he was 19, is single and lives in Waterford Plantation.

Time was called!




Prayers/Praises – ERC and YHC parents/in-laws traveling back north.

YHC prayed it out.

Honor to lead!

Brown Bag

Over and out



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