Just makin’ a quick pitstop

Just makin’ a quick pitstop

Workout Date:





One Call, Rousey, Short Pint, Jenner, Heinz 57 (FNG JJ Bowen), Survivor, Big Love, Lil' Love, Kitten

The Thang:

Conditions: Cool 74 degrees and clear.  Having never been to the New Directions Mission AO before, I wanted to ensure a solid beatdown while respecting the abilities of the newest FNG’s at the still unnamed AO.  I searched the AO and surrounding area on google earth to get an idea what the terrain m,might offer.  I decided to bring a solid beatdown with traditional exercises that any of the PAX could modify as necessary.  I arrived 10-15 min early with juggling three shovel flags hoping to pass some of them on.  A couple of PAX had already arrived and were chatting with some of the residents outside and others were soon to arrive.  At the 1 min warning our newest PAX forever to be known as Heinz 57 was moseying by and a couple of greetings turned into a Flying EH.  Kitten provided a new pair of size 12 sneakers and the beatdown commenced.

+5 Merkins OYO
+5 Merkins OYO
Imperial Walkers 20 IC
+5 Merkins OYO
Windmills 15 IC
+5 Merkins OYO
Tempo Squat 20 IC
+5 Merkins OYO
LBAC forward 15 IC
reverse 15 IC
+5 Merkins OYO


Escalator 4 corners of the parking lot
Corner 1 = 5 Burpees
Corner 2 = 10 CDD
Corner 3 = 15 Mountain Climbers
Corner 4 = 20 Squats
Corner 4, 3, 2, 1

Round 1 Wide Merkins 2 min, diamond Merkins 2 min

WW1 sit-ups/ jump squats

Flutter kicks

Announcements: Dinners on Monday nights at New Directions at 7, rides may be available to residents of New Directions AO for other AO locations,  Need resident PAX to name new AO location.

Prayers: Families of PAX at the AO, Survivor healing from back pain.  Prayer led by YHC.

Moleskin:  While some of the local PAX struggle with injuries and such, each gave it their all and hard work and sweat were donated.  During the escalator, Survivor pulled up due to severe pain in the low back due to injuries and shrapnel sustained while active duty in Afghanistan.  After a brief rest he returned to finish the beat down with much perseverance.  After the beatdown during announcements, Survivor made it clear that this AO was merely a brief pitstop for him while he gets his feet under him.  Which it needs mentioning that we need to assist getting resident PAX up to speed to take over the workouts, if possible, and therefore create a legacy that they can return to after leaving this “pitstop”.



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