Just plain old rucking…and some other stuff

Just plain old rucking…and some other stuff

Workout Date:





Rousey(R), Fergie, Jeter, OneCall, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: WaveRucker

Conditions: Cool. 52 degrees and clear.

As of Monday this week the WaveRucker Q sheet was still empty.  YHC didn’t really want to put a ruck on after completing the Chad 1000x WOD on Sunday but YHC also got skunked without any PAX posting to my last WaveRucker Q two weeks ago so why not.  Started getting some HCs from Rousey and Fergie.  Fergie hasn’t posted WaveRucker in so long that he didn’t even know where we meet up.  Rousey hasn’t been seen here lately either.  So YHC isn’t going to get out of this one so rucks and bags it is.  Hit the lab last night coming up with a great beatdown but always need to be ready to modify.  At GrowRuck, Dredd taught us about PACE (Primary, Alternate, Contingent, Emergency) planning so let’s go!

YJC pulls into the lot next to OneCall but he’s the only one in his truck.  Behind me was a truck that looked just like Jeter’s truck but he totaled it in a ditch so who could this be?  It’s Jeter with a look a like new truck.  He must have really loved that truck!  We also haven’t seen Jeter with a ruck since the 26.2 Mile EndItRuck!  Rousey and Fergie pulled in alongside me and there’s our crew!

Quick welcome and disclaimer.

Grab rucks and bags and to the lake and over the bridge.

Drop bags and ruck 1 lap around the lake at a fast pace.


3 Rounds

Sandbag cleans x5

Sandbag dynamic Merkins x10

4-ct Flutter Kicks x15


Ruck and Sandbag 1/2 lap


60×60 (1 minute of sandbag burpees with 60lb sandbag AMRAP)


Ruck 1 lap 




Ruck 1/2 lap


Pick up sandbags and back to the ShovelFlag.

This was a good beatdown today that was modified as we went.  The original plan included more sandbags, more PT and some running but time constraints and PAX dealing with some injuries, the plan was changed and the PAX were able to push through!  We saw a stump along the lake and it was tempting to pick it up but we didn’t touch it.   Someone called my hospital name out in the gloom and we were wondering who would be out at 0500.  It was a guy familiar with several of our PAX but “does his own thing”.  He is also a GRT from long ago but wasn’t willing to grab a sandbag and join us. The mumble chatter was good!  It was great catching up with this crew!  Rousey and I were the last ones left in the parking lot and decided to grab some Coffeeteria time.  We ran into another dude ready to get EH’d.  He used to coach my son in wrestling and it turns out that “he likes working out in adverse weather conditions”.   He’s a stud so we’ll see if we can get him out in the gloom and give him a good workout.  Good luck to Valvano and Bling this weekend at the World Championships of Rucking as they strap weight on their backs and ruck 50 miles around Washington, DC.   Good luck to OneCall as he makes the trip with them to be their support crew!


Always an honor!!!

-Headgear out!!!!


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