Just some basic exercises

Just some basic exercises

Workout Date:





Name Your Own Price Tool (RESPECT)(Greenville), Mayhem (RESPECT), Karma, Fergie, Boxcar, Weedeater, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Perfect.  Low 60’s and a slight breeze

Fergie is doing an amazing job as #Warthog AOQ (Other than losing the flag) and reaching out to be sure the Q sheet is filled.  I had signed up a while back for this Saturday Q, but the Saturday #’s have been low!  At the mothership, which is terrible!!  So I put the call out on the slack channel…and got ZERO responses.  Other than hours and hours later from Bling mentioning crickets (which he probably heard as he slept in) and Soto who said “Come on!”  But then did not follow his own advice.  But Boxcar HC’d in our PL carpool…Lombardi and Geno were totally radio silent..but there would at least be 2 of us!  Turned out there were 7 #HIM there this morning and we had a BLAST!!!

SSH x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC
Little stretching with some TTT, right, left, center, calves
Sometime in here Karma told Fergie that is HE were the #Warthog AOQ he would have this awful parking lot paved!  Let’s go Fergie.  Soto failed at getting that done during his reign of terror….hopefully you can do better!

We then moseyed to this side of the bridge.
The plan was simple.  Upper body, legs, core.  At every stop.
So we moved from place to place – bridge, other side, around Valor Park, and eventually to Gordon Biersch
Along the way, we did 20 merkins, 20 squats and 20 2 count flutters, with LBC’s on the 6 each time
Always 20 flutters
Merkin style/squat style
Wide Arm/Sumo
Ranger/Squat Jumps
Staggered (thank you for reminding me of the proper name Karma!)/Regular
Hand Release/Tempo style with a hold on the squat

The road in front of Gordon Biersch
Mosey the blacktop, sprint the bricks, mosey or walk to end
Repeat on way back

Mosey to small parking deck.  Suck in diesel fumes – that seemed to invigorate Weedeater who is around it all day!
Went to the top and the plan was suicides
3 burpees at top, to half wall, back, 3 burpees, speed bump, back, 3 burpees, 2nd speed bump, back, 3 burpees, bottom, back, 3 burpees, wall sit on 6

We walked a lap around to recover the legs a bit

All men wall sit.  1 PAX at a time sprint to bottom and back to top and then the next and so on.  Forced us to run faster and see our Brothers struggling as the ones at the top had to wall sit with OH presses!!!

Then we moseyed back to Gordon Biersch for a rinse and repeat of the sprints.
Then a reverse rinse and repeat of the Merkins/Squats/Flutters – only 10 reps each round this time…except the last where we went back to 20.

We went to the playground where the men had to alternate between 5 pull ups and AMRAP LBCs.  3 full rounds.

Moseyed back to start and that was TIME!

Count-O-Rama – 7
Prayer requests for 4 year old Travis/family – after a severe accident Mayhem saw
Prayer requests for Brandon – on ventilator – needs healing
Prayer requests for Manziel’s dad, Valvano’s dad
Prayer requests unspoken


– A great time for me being at #Warthog with these other strong #HIM!  It was fun watching Boxcar, Weedeater and Karma racing in the sprints.  I think each won one.  Fergie was pushing hard and I was trying to keep up.  Name Your Own Price Tool was crushing it with a total knee replacement in the recent past and Mayhem, as always, continues to impress all morning long!
– Enjoyed it as always dudes!

– Freed to Bleed – THIS FRIDAY – 10/29 – Join the F3 GrandStrand team – link in the Slack channel
– Costume or tacky tank top convergence next weekend – 10/30 – at #Warthog for Halloween.  Always a great time!
– F3GrandStrand Annual Christmas party has been confirmed!!!  December 11 at Waterway Palms Clubhouse


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