Keystone Kops

Keystone Kops

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Bling & Geppetto


One Call, Weedeater, Billboard, Bluegrass, Whittle, Macho Man, Flash, Podcast, Beaker, Stuff Crust, Rousey, Flop, Earhart (Greensboro), Quarantine (Knoxville), Spam A Lot (Winston Salem)

The Thang:

AHH yes, Warthog- the “OG” AO.  Best on the Beach in my humble opinion…..  Had my brother-in-law, Geppetto, in town for the week (#crowdedkitchen)- and mentioned to him the opportunity to Q while in town…, we grabbed it.  Geppetto has been stressing, pacing, crying, waking up sweating, etc the last few days knowing we would be leading this rag-tag group of men for 60 minutes this morning!

SO, of course a good night sleep was in order to conquer this Q.  Yours truly was sound asleep at 8:30 last night (One Call can verify- more to follow there) while Geppetto stayed up late trying to finally win a Battle Royale with his son and mine.  (If I need to explain here you are out of the loop).   SO, I had to wake him up this morning to make sure we had enough time!!  picked up One Call ( #carpoolSTUDS, #mrcoffee) late and “wheels it” down to Warthog slightly slower than the speed of light.  As for all of you waiting in the lot………you were witness to the very ending of our trip.  Paul Blart pulled us over on Forbus!!  One Call mentioned our Lord and Savior, and something about “saving Bluegrass” from his eminent doom (as he works in Conway)- and he let us get out of the car and “mosey” to the AO…….which is were I started yelling/complaining/demanding your presence!

Here we go- weather 81 and humid- might rain like it has the last 39 days (my ark is almost complete!).  circle up

22 Merkins IC #22Kills

30 Sec plank- good form


40 sec plank (complaints already….)

20 tempo squats IC

50 Sec plank (this is where Bluegrass had trouble with math.  #conwayboy)


1 min plank (solid form Billboard and Beaker……..)

15 arm circles forward, 15 overhead claps, 15 reverse arm circles IC (this is where Geppetto finally joined us after his “traffic stop” and started playing music.  #fullbodycavitysearch)

20 IW IC

Walk to the top of the parking lot to Forbus- to let Geppetto take the lead!  Charles Bronson was called out and details given.  Stay in pairs the entire time

100 yard mosey

50 SSH (plank on 6 so we stay together)

100 yard mosey

50 Merkins

100 yard mosey

50 LBC

100 yard mosey

50 jump squats- DONE

Paired Indian Run (double applesauce) all the way across the bridge to Valor park for more fun and games.  I volunteered as sweeper to help Flop and Rousey.  Flop was helping Rousey, who apparently has a torn meniscus and shouldn’t be doing any of this for the next 6-10 months.  so after 30 minutes, Rousey finally made it the 200 yards!

DORA around Valor- stay in your pairs.

corner #1- 100 LBC while partner runs the park square, then switches

corner #2 100 squats “”

corner #3 100 Hand release Merkins.  “”

corner #4 100 dips on the fountain.  “”

Lots of running and fun all around!   mumble chatter alive and well- its awesome!

Saw we had 15 minutes left, so Geppetto and I improvised- and we walked to the parking garage- to give everyone a 2 minute break.  All of us crammed into the stairwell (#halftimespeech) to get some “fresh air”.  single file, we all did 5 incline merkins (Bluegrass showed us “decent” form to lead us off), then double jumped the stairs all the way to the top (#mathcountsBluegrass)- where each PAX would wall sit on the rest of the group.  Solid Work!

Circle up for 5 rounds of 6 inches, Hello Dolly, head off ground, etc.  Heard plenty of groans and gasps here from the group.  Another round down the stairs single file to wall sit again at the bottom.  (I love us all sitting there in that stairwell together!).  Time was tight- back to the flag!

22 more Merkins IC- love doing this and tried my best to make Bluegrass happy with my form!

TIME!  Solid work today by everyone, even Billboard.  It was awesome to Co-Q this with my Brother in Law, he loves this community of men every time he comes down here.  Great to have 3 DR- love that about Grandstrand.

Announcements, prayers, unspoken.  Geppetto led us out as the rain started to fall.  OUT.


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