Kid Rock/F BOMB!!

Kid Rock/F BOMB!!

Workout Date:





One Call, Rousey, Bling, Penelope, Valvan, Woodchuck (York, SC),

The Thang:

YHC was pumped for this Q as usual!! I rolled up to see One call and Bling already out getting the bells ready.

Ended up with a total of 7 Pax for the workout which is great numbers.

The weather is starting to get warmer so you know the Tanktops were in full effect!!


Always stretch first to loosen up

Start off with swings on all weights on a 10 count.

We then went to a circuit training that YHC put together.

We circled up and all PAX had different weights and were to rotate once the circuit was complete.

It included 3 high snatches each arm, shoulder press each arm and squast and press 3 count.

NOTE: Somewhere in this circuit KID ROCK made an appearance on one calls playlist and it contained some not so appropriate language!! ( perfect lifting music though)

We switched until all PAX had used all weights.

We then circled up and did AL gore while one pax held out a 30lb KB out in front for a 10 count and rotated the bell around.

That was the time by the time the whole circuit got completed.

Again, always an honor to lead you fine men in the morning hours.

YHC led us out.

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