Kindness By 2 Great Guys!

Kindness By 2 Great Guys!

Workout Date:



Vitamin D and Rousey


Hot Tub, Hamburglar, Rocky Top, El Red Cardo, Brown Bag, Texas Ranger, Rubber, Humpback, Plunger (DR from Winston-Salem), and Sunshine (Nan'tan)

The Thang:

Rousey Vs. Vitamin D

Conditions: Mid 40s, dry, optimal for high fives, words of affirmation, kind gestures and hopefully a big group hug!

YHC/Co-QIC with some prompting from the Weasel Shaker registered for the last spot of F3 GrandStrand’s Q vs. Q challenge. Little did I know that I would be going head to head with the nicest and kindest guy in the region who is a true #HIM – The big hearted Vitamin D! How can I compete against the guy who gave me mobility back in my knee, let me borrow his truck, who has perfect form, and is the 3rd F Co-Q with all of the weekly inspirational Q Source tweets? So, no trash talk, no skullduggery, no sabotaging…just gonna give it my best, show them Rousey version of kindness and hopefully we can hug it out in the end!

12 #HIM rolled into the parking lot nervously looking around for the bucket and other coupons that have been characteristic of YHC’s beatdowns, but with none of that visibly in play (initially) #mumblechatter ensued that consisted of weighty topics like Sunshine possibly pulling his pants down, OBJ3 mega trade to the Browns, ailments, and (most importantly) making our DR Pax Plunger from Winston-Salem feel at home at the beach.

With Skidmark (BombSquad’s AOQ) nowhere to be found, our Nan’tan took over for the introductions and warm ups.

Coin flip…tails…Vit-D called tails and elected to defer and give the old man the 1 & 3 segment of this morning’s kindness duel.

SEGMENT 1 – Rousey (Classic Rock w/ Light Show – Bearcrawl, Big Boys and Burpees) at the youth center parking lot.

Circuit 1: Dora style circuit. Pair up. Each pair does 100 BBSUs. Pax 1 does the exercise with Pax 2 bearcrawling to apx. middle of the parking lot and does the same as far as he can back (upon fatigue switching to a toy soldier march) to point of origin. Plank at end and wait for 6. While planking QIC asked the Pax for the mission and all 5 core principles…got them all no problem.

Circuit 2: Mosey on over by the baseball outfield fence. 7. 1 Burpee, hop the fence, 6 Jump Squats. Total number of exercise reps. equal 7. Then 2 Burpees; 5 Jump Squats and so on until 6 and 1 respectively. Rocky Top’s first attempt at traversing the fence was a DNF and lay there laughing on the ground. The Pax enjoyed listening to “Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen with all eventally channeling their inner Freddie Mercury singing this classic in the gloom.  Time!  QIC had originally planned to have the Pax plank and have The Intern by himself (our lone 20 something y.o. Millennial) call out the names of the classic rock songs just played. I figured Brown Bag would be frothing and would have had to help out the lad, but he didn’t post today.

SEGMENT 2: Vit-D Note: I will do my best to remember segments 2 & 4, but as with anything Vit-D does it’s hard and he doesn’t care. Well actually he does and would stop to give you a hand…and darn it he’s such a great guy! (Suicides, Merkin-KBSwings, and Wall Ball combo) at the church football field.

Circuit 1: Pax with a paver stone from the #coupon pile partnered up for accountability and ran a basketball style suicide first and then completed a set of coupon related exercises. While said exercises were being performed, a wall ball passed down & back whereby each Pax had to do 3 jump squats with a toss. Brown Bag dropped the ball like OBJ3 will on his new team and a penalty of 10 Burpees was imposed.

SEGMENT 3: Rousey (Show Tunes w/Light Show and “El Bombo”) at the coupon pile.

More Rousey kindness. Pax team carried “El Bombo” (The Bomb) 1 lap around the large campus loop. 4 carried while the remaining Pax (less one) carried 1 paver stone each and the bucket. Log, bucket and stones! #Coupons with a nod to the #Waverucker crew also working out hard with the same this morning. The rules are very simple – EB, bucket and the stones can’t touch the ground or there would be a penalty of 25 Burpees each and having to pick up & carry this behemoth again. It was a little unorganized as the Pax struggled to stay in a group so that fresh bodies could be swapped in to carry EB and the bucket. But they got it together under the motivational tunes of “Rawhide, A-Team and Superman”. If you don’t know who or what EB is ask the Pax…specifically Skidmark traumatized who will give you the Gregory Peck-Quint/Jaws-sharks response about carrying EB as he tangled with it recently!

SEGMENT 4: Vit-D (a sweet 16 themed circuit training with paver stones and duck jousting) behind the church.

Circuit 1: Vit-D had us run to the church exterior wall and do “1” Balls to the Wall, then run back to the point of origin and do “6” reps. of Man-makers aka Blockees. Pax did apx. 4 rounds and finished with an AMRAP set of thrusters.

Circuit 2: Vit-D had us do a quick round of Duck Jousting. Feathers everywhere; I was an easy kill by El Red Cardo!

Pax clearly feeling the loving kindness from Vitamin D and YHC poured out, Sunshine called time!

Count-O-Rama 12
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken (YHC’s performance review at work, Vit-D’s FIL battle with cancer and friend of Rubber who is going through a separation) and unspoken.
BOM by Vit-D.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  New IR/FNG/out of shape friendly workout/AO “The Catapult” at BS on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lots of 2nd F (GZ Dragon boat Race; lunches; and HHs especially 3/29 &30) and 3rd F (Q-Source (“The Jester” and #PitStop) opportunities.

NMMS: Honor to Co-Q and support BS!  I hope YHC interacted with everyone this morning as this is the glue to a solid team workout.  Strong work guys! Good luck to Vitamin D and I hope he wins! The rest of you (if I win), no mercy, I’m gonna rock you like a hurricane! Quick…what song & artist is that The Intern?



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