King of the Hills

King of the Hills

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Goldberg, Strap Lock, Super Dave, Barney, Quaker

The Thang:

Great Twitter banter the last couple of days and last night was no different.  Bluegrass and Goldberg were going mono-e-mono in the Twittersphere (big arms vs. legs). It was a little cross-town rivalry for the hearts and minds of the Conway PAX. Should they post at SouthernBells or Hasselhoff. Bluegrass had a compelling argument, “Leave the soccer mom arms to the soccer moms & get some biceps at [Southernbells]! Goldberg pointed out, ” Friends don’t let friends have chickenlegs! Come out to [Hasselhoff]”! Back and forth; around and around they went until Bluegrass threw out a “compromise” (challenge): “Lets start the run at 4:45 at Hasselhoff and run to the Riveria (Southernbells) . . . complete the KB workout and run back to Hasselhoff!”  This was a great idea . . .everyone wins . . . everyone gets better!! YHC got totally caught up in the fun and responded with a HC (“2 birds 1 stone”). At this point Goldberg stated that he would be at Hasselhoff, but informed me through backdoor channels that he would not (due to time restraints) be able to do both Hasselhoff & Southernbells. . . .No worries, a HC is an HC, so I would be there at 4:45!

At 3:50 YHC awoke full of excitement for the Hasselhoff/Southernbell beatdown! I geared up and headed over the bridge to the Watertower and arrived about 10 miutes before the start time. Did some stretches and watched the time tick by . . . it kept on ticking, and ticking until 5am arrived and I realized there would be no cross-town run this morning. What should I do? Stay and run with the “slow cheetas”  here at Hasselhoff or drive over to Southernbells and find out what happened to Bluegrass.  . . I started to drive over to the Republic but then turned around and looped the block back to Hasselhoff. I couldn’t let Goldberg hanging!  I have to get to Southernbells next time (I feel like I also owe a visit to Beachbells & One Call for his HUGE Wednesday Q at BombSquad, too! #AOQChallenge). As I approached Hasselhoff again, Goldberg drove past me and pulled up next to the Watertower. I followed suit and parked, too. It was just the 2 of us for about 10 minutes, then SuperDave came rollin’ up in his Diesel, then Barney came running in out of the dark with a his ruck. StrapLock  completed the quintet.

Silent 1 minute warning was given. . . . PAX discussed our route of choice and we were off.

Todays excursion began down by the river. As usual multiple groups formed; SuperDave and Barney had a faster pace, while StrapLock, Goldberg, and YHC followed at a more gingerly jog. We looped down and around the RiverWalk, then ran along the boardwalk up to the railroad tracks. At this point we left the beatin’ path and ‘off roaded it’ up an incline, over the rails, and back down again to a parking lot, then entered the streets of Downtown. We ran passed the bank, a church and ISI (all onlookers were impressed by our gazelle like speed!). Goldberg led us to a building with 30 steps and we completed 2 rounds of steps. We then encountered our 1st hill as Goldberg reminisced about when he first began running with F3 he couldn’t make it up this hill without stopping, now he glides along the asphalt like he is running on clouds. All through our run, Barney and SuperDave were just out of reach but always in our sights.

Todays topics of conversation were how great F3 is, injuries we’ve had and continue to have, childhood friends (who are they now? where are they now?), jobs , and how much we enjoy running up hills. Conway is a tight group and the stories I hear and the camaraderie among the PAX is fantastic! The mumble chatter took me back to memories of my own hometown.

A few more hills, a couple more rounds of steps at different locations and we were back at the Watertower. The slower PAX got in 4 miles; the true Cheetas 4.6 miles! All around a great way to start a Friday.

Barney led us in Prayers for SuperDave’s 11 year old daughter; Barney’s mother & family, and continued prayers for young boy who injured his hand last week.

Announcements:  Guest Q at BombSquad tomorrow! Come out and support. TrainingWheels tomorrow!

MoleSkin: Honor to run with each of these men. #HIM #ISI




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