Kitten’s last stand

Kitten’s last stand

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Kitten, Quaker, Beefsteak, Rainmaker, Vitamin D, El Red Cardo, Skimmer, Texas Ranger, Brown bag (respect!), The Intern, Skidmark, Rubber, Humpback, Montross (visiting from Gastonia), Headgear

The Thang:

It was warm and VERY humid when I pulled into the Village. As I gave the 1-minute warning, several PAX scurried into the parking lot, giving us 14 total. Once we began the Indian run portion of the workout, Humpback pulled in and joined us.

With this being my last Q at F3 Grand Strand, I thought it would be fitting to base the workout one last time on one of everyone’s favorite children’s books, “The Kitten Book.”

For the first page, which talked about how kittens explore the world, we explored the AO by doing an Indian run.

For the page about how kittens are wobbly on their feet at first, we did 10 hand release merkins oyo, 20 mountain climbers ic, 20 jump squats oyo, and 30 ssh ic.

For the page about kittens lapping milk from a dish, we got in milk lapping position, aka merkin position, and did 15 merkins ic.

For the page about kittens staying neat and clean, we did 20 burpees oyo to shake off any dirt or dust. One of the PAX mentioned that 10 burpees sounded better than 20, so after doing 20 burpees, we did 10 more. You’re welcome.

For the page about kittens playing games with each other, we paired up and did some Dora: 100 big boys, 200 dips, 300 2-count flutter kicks.

For the page about kittens jumping up to catch butterflies, we did 11s with burpees at one end and jump squats at the other. PAX were given the option to pretend like they were catching butterflies when they jumped up.

For the page about kittens being sleek and slim, we did three sets of gassers to stay slim.

For the page about kittens running fast when they hear a dinner bell, we did two sets of wind sprints.

Finally, for the page about kittens sleeping all stretched out, we sprawled out on the ground and did 20 sweat angels ic. With less than a minute left, we closed the workout with a few seconds of stargazers. At 6:00 time was called.

A big thank you to everyone who has posted, encouraged me, and held me accountable for my physical and spiritual health through F3 for the past 2+ years. I am grateful for you and look forward to the ways F3 Grand Strand will surely impact men’s lives and this community in the years ahead. I am excited about jumping into F3 Clemson next week.


2.0 workouts continue tonight at 6:15 by the Carolina Forest Recreation Center.

Stay tuned for tweets from Montross about the annual 5K he does in his own honor, which is coming up in July.

Anyone who Q’s a workout, please remember to do backblasts!


Montross’s mom has a doctor appointment today.

Vitamin D’s brother is travelling overseas.

Headgear and others are travelling this weekend to do a 50-mile event.

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