Ladder work at Worthog

Ladder work at Worthog

Workout Date:





Peterbilt,Chewy,Bubbles,Varsity,TnC, Bling,Lombardi

The Thang:

The Thang:

Chewy and I arrived to the ruckers already off on there 7 mile ruck (Bling,TnC,Lombardi).  Weather was great 62 degrees and sunny!  Bubbles and Varsity came rolling in right at 7 and the four of us got started.


1 min warning


Chewy led first half

LB arm circles x20

TTT x20

Windmills x20

SSH x20

22 merkins

Mosey to the football feild, partner up! Since there was only 4 of use that wasn’t to hard.  Time for Dora!

Flutter Kicks x200 single count

American Hammer x150

Big Boys x100

run to the far sideline, to the bleachers.

150 dips

100 step ups

75 squats

Now that Chewy had the four of us warmed up it was time to get to work.  We took a mosey to the bridge where we would lunge walk up then bear crawl down.  Mosey to parking garage!


round 1 merkins..  1 at the bottom run up the ramp to do 2 and back down all the way to 15

round 2 stairs…  1 jump squat up the stairs for 2 and back till we hit 15

round 3….  back to the ramp for burpee ladder, 1 at the bottom run up the ramp until 10 is reached…

round 4….  run the parking garage.  WE started at the ground floor ran up each ramp with 10 SSH’s IC at the top of each level.  Trying to breath and count IC at this point wasn’t easy.  As we got to the top floor I took them back down the stairs, quick mosey back to the bridge lunge up bear crawl down.  Back to the Flag where Lombardi and Bling meet up with us.

No Announcements:

Prayer Requests.

Everyone in the Path of Hurricane Irma, Chewys Dad, Bubbles family member with his addiction.  We also lifted up Tan lines, for he had surgery Friday morning to fix the broken bones in his leg! Quaker informed me this morning (Saturday) that he is home and begining his recovery!

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