Last Days at 52

Last Days at 52

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Beef Steak, Rubber, El Red Cardo, Red Coat, Boxcar, Handy Manny, War Eagle, High Interest, Love Handle (DR)

The Thang:


59* Nice

Rolled into The Village at 5:22 and was pleasantly surprised at the number of PAX already there. Most of the pre-beatdown chatter was with Love Handle who is Down Range to tie the knot at DeBordieu tomorrow. Rubber pulled in just in time for the 1-minute warning and El Red Cardo made an on-time entrance at 5:30. After sending an HC text last night Handy Manny ran in from The Hulk and joined in as we got rolling.

And the Beatdown went like this…


11 Through the Tunnel

11 Imperial Walkers

19 Merkins

65 Rocky Balboa’s


Indian run around the perimeter back to the COT


52 Side Stradle Hops


4 corners with coupons


Corner 1

11 Manmakers


Corner 2

11 Manmakers

11 Hand Release Merkins


Corner 3

11 Manmakers

11 Hand Release Merkins

19 Squats w/coupon


Corner 4

11 Manmakers

11 Hand Release Merkins

19 Squats w/coupon

65 Freddie Mercury’s (2-count)


Back to Corner 3

11 Manmakers

11 Hand Release Merkins

19 Squats w/coupon


Back to Corner 2

11 Manmakers

11 Hand Release Merkins


At this point Q asked if anyone could guess the beatdown theme and if so, the reward would be no Manmakers at corner 1. Beefsteak said something about November 19th, a couple mentions of Veteran’s Day and then High Interest nailed it with the Q’s birthdate on 11/11/1965.


We left our coupons at corner 1 and mosey’d to the benches.


Partnered up and did

52 dips together

52 step ups together


Relay race from speed bump to speed bump and back. Final leg was run by Beef Steak and Handy Manny, they improvised with a backwards run down and then Beef Steak turned on the afterburners to reach the finish line first.


C’mon PAX! There’s still time to reunite with our coupons!


Mosey back to dumpster for


11 Overhead Press

11 Curls

19 Overhead Triceps Extensions

65 Flutter Kicks w/coupons


Coupons returned and mosey’d back to COT for PAX choice


Love Handle – 11 Burpees, Handy Manny- 11 American Hammers, Boxcar – 11 Little Baby Arm Circles, El Red Cardo – Little Baby Arm Circles in Reverse





The Village F3 Gear order has been extended to 11/15/2018

5K and a 1K for the 2.0’s Thanksgiving morning at Plantation Lakes

5 Seconds of stardom opportunity with news coverage at Warthog on 11/15/2018

Prayers and Praise:

Prayers up for Love Handle with his wedding tomorrow.

Q praised Handy Manny for the building of a beautiful home for his family

Love Handle prayed us out…


Brown Bag




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