Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Sade, Texas Ranger, Hamburglar, Quaker, El Red Cardo, Headgear, and Brown Bag (QIC)

The Thang:

Warm, humid, beautiful July morning.

Elite Friday, the brainchild of Texas Ranger. YHC attended the very 1st one but then CV-19 shut us down and then YHC was shut down after a tweak of the knee. 

Well, we’re all back now and it was time for YHC to have the honor of being the Mystery Q. 

What to do? What to do? 

Recently YHC had heard about this dude named Chadd Wright. He had just won an absolute insane Last Man Standing race. This got the wheels turning to figure out how to incorporate the concept to a 45-minute beatdown. 

Fast Forward to this morning. YHC rolled into The Village at 0517 and dropped some stuff off by the wall at the basketball court in what would be the main staging area. Then some cones were placed with stratigery out on the soccer fields. 

Back to the flag and there was Sade yawning his way towards the flag while Texas Ranger was positioning his chariot to keep the gate open. Then, right at 0530, the Hulkamaniacs came running in, led by Hamburglar with Quaker, Headgear, and El Red Cardo right behind.

Disclaimer was given and Elite Friday got underway!

We started with a mosey to the aforementioned staging area and then continued the mosey following the path laid out by the cones in the field. It was explained that after each ‘exercise’ we would be following this path for an Indian Run and then a jailbreak from a predetermined spot back to the staging area.

Once back to the staging area we proceeded with a wall-sit while YHC explained the pain that was before us. It was explained that we will be doing a series of different exercises with the theme of Last Man Standing. The first exercise was the very wall-sit that we were performing. It was also explained that form will be absolutely crucial for each exercise. When a PAX drops out he has the choice to hold plank, AlGore, or ready flutter position until there is the Last Man Standing.

Wall-sit – (lower leg perpendicular to the ground, knee forms a 90* angle, back is straight up against the wall and hands are in the air, above the knees) UNTIL LAST MAN STANDING

Indian Run

Big Boy Sit-ups – (heels on ground, knees bent and hands clasped together behind head) UNTIL LAST MAN STANDING

Indian Run to Coupon Pile

Curls (with the big cinder blocks) UNTIL LAST MAN STANDING

75% mosey to the benches

Step-ups on the benches (this was intermission)

Mosey back to the staging area

Hand Release Merkins (perfect form required) UNTIL LAST MAN STANDING

Indian Run

Squats (weight on heels, butt below knees, hand and head out in front) UNTIL LAST MAN STANDING

Indian Run

Bear Crawl (from side to side of the basketball court) UNTIL LAST MAN STANDING

Indian Run

Flutters (legs straight and head up) UNTIL LAST MAN STANDING

Sprints from cone to cone (the field is in such rough shape we only went out and back once)

Finished where we started with a wall-sit as time expired.

Mosey’d back to the flag.


Texas Ranger was ready with the ceremonial signing of the Elite Friday Coupon awarded to the Q and patches were handed out to all the PAX.




-Only 2 more Elite Fridays – get there!

-Freed-to-Bleed – watch for date and time and HC to give blood


-Quaker’s family member, Uncle Ron, had a very severe reaction to a bee sting and is in critical condition. 

-Texas Ranger work issues

YHC prayed us out.

**Sidenote: PAX were purposely not named as winners of each Last Man Standing. We all pushed with everything we had, we all got better, and we are all winners! (not as in a participation trophy either, we left it all out there)

It was an extreme honor to Q Elite Friday and TCLAPS go out to Texas Ranger for taking the leadership role in getting it going.

Brown Bag

Over and out!


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