Leave No Yoga Mat Behind

Leave No Yoga Mat Behind

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Side Out (R), Side Out's Yoga Mat (R), Kiwi (2xR), O'Douls, First Base (AOQ), Flatliner, Rousey (R), ERC, Pikachu, Laces, Candy Cane, Judge Judy, Killington, Hedgehog, Skimmer (R)

The Thang:

Woke up a 70 degree morning with a stout 20mph breeze. Earlier in the week they were calling for T Storms starting in the morning, but my personal belief is that God stalled the cold front so we could get our workout in and stay dry. Speaking of staying comfortable, Side Out continues to bring his security blanket/kindergarten mat to Beatdowns b/c his M is questioning the scratch marks on his back. First I’ve heard of this being an issue, but I support you S.O. In the summer when we get in the grass, maybe you can leave your lovey in the car? I kid, sorry. Moving on.

Today’s goal was supersets and constant motion, where you stack complimentary exercises on top of one another to create one long, grueling set.

Station 1 at the Cross consisted of: Round 1- curb merkins with one hand & leg up on the curb 10 reps, 50 Rocky Balboas, back to curb merkins to hit the other side. Round 2- 15 merkins R, 5 curb hops, 15 merkins L. Round 3- 10 curb merkins R/L, followed by 8-taps (like shoulder taps but you tap shoulders, each leg, fan arms out L&R, then forward for 8 total motions in a plank position. Saw an old jacked guy do it on The Internet and I think it’s going to stick. It was tough near the end of the workout.

Station 2 at the big lot consisted of a big circle of Pax lunging into a central hub, then bear crawling, Toy soldiering, side shimmying out. The idea of all Pax working inward together was to create accountability on the lunges- lots of us half ass their lunges. A perfect lunge is where your knee barely kisses the ground or finishes a half inch off the ground. Still some work to be done here. Better to go slow and get the full range of motion than do a weird cross country skier motion. Anyway, over 3 rounds there was about 150 yards of lunging.

Station 3 was blocks, all supersets. Round 1- 20 curl, 20 OH press, 20 curl, 20 OH press. All in quick succession, no break. Round 2- 20 bent rows, 10 tri extension, 20 rows, 20 tri extension. Round 3- 10 block swings, 10 bus drivers, 10 swings, 10 bus drivers. Round 3 was an ass kicker.

One more mosey lap after that to squeeze in some more cardio. Then to Mary, which consisted of Box Cutters, penguins, pretzel crunches, and what will henceforth be referred to as Flatliner Flutters. It’s where you scream and moan and do not adhere to any cadence. If you have Flatliner’s number, check on your guy today. He may not be well.

Today was a super solid effort, and I’m thankful for the great numbers.

Announcements- Q Source starting back up Tuesday. Jetah at or near goal for fundraising for his hotel-rapel, keep donating and have fun imagining his internal dialogue while he does that. Pax lunches continue throughout the week. If you’re grazing at home or hurriedly wolfing down lunch at work, maybe mix it up and meet at the North/Mid/South locations for lunch with the guys one day. I’m personally striving to carve out time to do this in the near future.

Have a great rest of the week, men.