Leg day was real

Leg day was real

Workout Date:





Kiwi (Dbl R), Spork, Beefstake, Teddy toe touches, Skimmer (R), CrossStitch (BS AOQ), ERC, Judge Judy, Elmers (R), Candycane, Quaker (R), Single Barrel (R), Lombardi (R), Pikachu QIC Co 3rd F Q

The Thang:

AO Bombsquad

Conditions: 40’s and perfect for leg day

Today was the true Catapult anniversary and wanted to snag this day just out of sentimental reasons. I planned a workout and it turned out to be leg day with a side of legs. No official shield lock numbers so it was full of free agents today. Great numbers and strong mumble chatter and stronger heckling from the peanut gallery. And they would pay. But it’s definitely pay back for the amount of heckling I do to these guys and I love it!


1 minute warning

Official Disclaimer and Mission Statement

COP and emphasize Pain.

15 Harry Rocketts IC, 15 TS, 14 IW, 10 LBAC F, 10 Merkins OYO, 10 LBAC R 10 Merkins OYO, 10 Seal Claps 10 Merkins OYO, (At this point Judge started flapping his gums about the last crappy warm up and not enough legs blah blah blah, oh it’s coming Judge you just wait) so we continued 10 OHC 10 Merkins OYO, Judge still poking the bear, 10 Cherry Pickers 10 Merkins OYO, 25 SSH IC, 10 SSH IC thanks to the Judge.

Off to the block pile, grab a block of your choice and off to large parking lot. Line blocks along fence and asked everyone to move to the grass area adjacent to parking lot.

1) 200 No Surrender Squats to Knees. Starting in squat position, left knee down right knee down and back up to squat position. You never go higher than the squat position. P2 mosey across parking lot to grass islands. It was a looong way to 200. Legs were burins after 15 and struggle was real to get to 20.

2) 200 Mtn Climbers with cross leg pull in thingy hands on block, start in Mtn Climber position pull left leg in angled towards right elbow and right leg to left elbow. Partner 2 mosey to opposite side or parking lot


3) 200 Flop Special at concessions, P2 mosey around baseball field

4) Bear Crawl Block Drag relay. Down and back  parking lot. P1 Bear crawl block drag, P2 Mosey to opposite side of  parking lot and back to partner to pick up and switch block drag. Rinse and repeat until you get back to the beginning.

Return blocks and circle up.

5) 10 LBAC F 10 Merkins.

Time for Mary

Pikachu 10 Rubber Kick

Quaker 10 Rubber Kicks,

Single Barrel 10 Heels to Heaven

Lombardi 10 Box Cutters

Kiwi 10 Hello Dolly

Spork 10 American Hammers

Beefstake 10 Superman’s with  a WEEEE every time. Hilarious and crowd favorite

Teddy 10 Toe Touches

Skimmer 10 Dying Cockroaches

CrossStitch 10 Freddie Mercury


VQ VQ VQ Crop duster Tuesday at Catapult

AOQ handoff Thursday at Catapult

Freed to bleed in April


Marriage’s in general





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