Let’s partner up for everything and share some Valentine’s Love…and chocolate

Let’s partner up for everything and share some Valentine’s Love…and chocolate

Workout Date:





Cheesy Biscuit, Peterbilt, Franklin, Hoser, Dabo, Butterfingers (FNG Chris C.), OneCall

The Thang:

44 degrees; chilly

Last year I took the Q for #BombSquad on Valentine’s Day and came up with a hilariously romantic and brutal workout.  So, as soon as February rolled around on our calendar, I grabbed the Q again – but this year, #WaveRucker.  Thinking of ways to make this hard, yet fun, and calling out a bunch of PAX for numbers, I figured partner work and buddying up would be the theme of the day.  Based on HC’s, I was expecting 17 PAX.  Well, there were 7.  It worked out pretty good despite a ridiculous amount of excuses, no shows, lies, and just apathy.

#TClaps to Dabo showing up to his 1st #WaveRucker AND bringing our FNG – nicknamed later Butterfingers!  He accidentally dropped a coupon, and it was Valentine’s Day, so a perfect name!  Both of these men were animals!
#TClaps to Cheesy and Franklin for showing up to their 2nd #WaveRucker.  It’s an hour earlier, it’s hard, and as newer ruckers, they don’t really know what to expect yet.  But they showed and were strong, very strong.
#TClaps to Hoser for always being there, kicking butt, carrying everything and then some, and providing the Mumble Chatter (only 25% of which was inappropriate this am)
#TClaps to Peterbilt for jumping into this rucking thing and as I am typing this, he just texted me that he bought a true GORUCK bag instead of the amazon special that was bugging him. #HopeYouCanSwitchThePatches!

1 minute warning

Special Valentine’s Day Disclaimer
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
F3 workouts are you versus you

I’m certainly no pro
That y’all definitely know

Our pace may be brisk,
So you assume all the risk

You came on your own
As a man you are grown

Modify things as you’re needing
We don’t need you bleeding

If you have to take a knee
Remember this is free

Look around at your loves
I hope you have gloves

When you go home to your wives
Remember that F3 changes lives!

When it’s time to depart
Know that you’ve strengthened your Heart
Now that the guys had a good laugh, but were properly disclaimed, we started.

SSH x 14 IC
IW x 14 IC
Hug lunges x 14 IC
Women love “Diamond” Merkins x 14 IC
“Kiss the Ground” our M’s and CBD’s walk on – CCD’s x 14 IC
When we hear M’s lovely voices, we sit up & listen – BBSU’s 14 OYO
We would climb a mountain for them – Mountain Climbers x 14 IC
We would pluck the stars out of the sky for them – 14 star jumps

Grab the coupons and get to the bridge
So, I had a slew of coupons expecting a lot more numbers based on the HC’s and texts and everything else.   I was also expecting to have extra rucks to go around based on those same HC’s.  O well.  Modify things
Grabbed the 40 and 60 lb sandbags and the 100 lb log.  The point of this workout was to partner up and share coupons while we rucked.  Since some guys didn’t have a ruck, get on more coupons.  Cheesy wore his weight vest.  I had my extra ruck that circulated.  So only 2 men went without one, but we gave them some of the good livin as we exchanged rucks some!

Round 1 – 1.1 mile loop around the lake/pond
Ruck a lap together with coupon – Switch off the coupons as needed
At the end/beginning
Partner burpees – slap 5 – 10 reps
Partner Booyah Merkins – 10 reps
Partner Squats grabbing other guy ruck – 10 reps
Some kind of buddy carry across bridge AND back
1 go one way, 1 go the other.
Gave everyone option of fireman, honeymoon, piggyback, 2 or 3 man.
Everyone went fireman. #Strong

Round 2 – 1.1 mile loop around the lake/pond
Ruck a lap together with coupon – Switch off the coupons as needed; try to get on different coupons than round 1
Wheelbarrow over the bridge and back – guy with ruck on be the wheels.  Switch up where you are and switch up rucks as needed

Round 3 – we went 2/3 of the way around the lake/pond since we had several PAX that had to jet a bit early and YHC wanted to have time for COT, and Name-O-Rama of FNG
BUT, our FNG dropped a coupon, so we all needed to be “corrected”  Not punished as Hoser corrected YHC
BBSU’s on the log.  3 PAX for 1st round, 10 reps, other 4 men doing AMRAP Merkins
2 PAX for 2nd round, 10 reps, other 4 men doing AMRAP Squats
Final 2 PAX for 3rd round, 10 reps, other 4 men back to Merkins or Plank
Point being – if one makes a mistake, we all work together to accomplish the goal!  And the AMRAP of your Brothers makes you work a little harder, a little faster, to get your stuff done.  We all sharpen one another!  #ISI

Ruck everything back to car – 3.5 miles total


Count-O-Rama – 7 with some new blood and the FNG
Hand out box of chocolates – watch grown men destroy the box and pound the chocolate
Name-O-Rama – our FNG has a diverse background.  US Army, relatively new dad, MMA fighter, owned a gym or two, crossfitter, now a plumber. BUT, none of that matters for Name-O-Rama.  He dropped the coupon.  It was Valentine’s Day.  Butterfingers!
Praise reports for Hoser’s 2.0’s
Prayer requests for sick kids and PAX
Prayer requests for family that lost a child at 3 weeks
Prayer requests unspoken

– Very excited to welcome new men to rucking.  It has been a great thing for YHC and I love sharing it!  Keep coming out men!
– All of these men did a lot of work and seemed to enjoy it.  It’s a different kinda workout.  Everyone this morning was very very strong!
– Cheesy stayed after to get some miles in running #Beast
– To those who HC’d and didn’t show.  Insert emoji of choice here.  But for real, where were Studebaker (Total no show), Weedeater (claimed he was sick), Flop (assuming gout since he texted early AM that he couldn’t show), Geno (Total no show AND this meant no music), Penelope (claiming he’s injured), Billboard (Total no show), Lombardi (Total no show; although he did text AFTER), Grasspatch (total silence)
– Rousey – not sure what he did.  He HC’d and didn’t HC on the slack poll.  And then said he would be up late?  How late?  He never said.  If it’s super late, just stay up and post.  If it’s before 1am, get 2 hours and post.  I am confused!
– Valvano – I’m in.  I’m out.  I’m in.  I’m back out.  Hmm.
– Bling – out of town and has the Heavy this weekend – acceptable
– Whittle – early, far drive, training adventure race – marginally acceptable – rucking is great adventure race training, but it is a haul to be there that early.
– High Interest – he had a tough decision, but as 1st F Q, decided to go to #TheRepublic for the 2 FNG’s Madame Toussaud had been EH’ing and had put in touch with High Interest. Since they promised they would show, he went that way…and they did show!
– Bluegrass – had to get to work early, so posted in Conway and Pre-ran.  Acceptable.
– That was good chocolate.  Peterbilt ate the most.
– I apologize to Peterbilt for the fireman carry.  I hoisted him up, and he wasn’t sitting right so I tried to jack him up (yes “up” Hoser) higher and, well, getting his [undisclosed weight] mass up kept the momentum going and he went up and over my head as my knee couldn’t hold him.  He did a beautiful roll, popped up, and we did it again, this time perfectly.  He’s a big man!  Look foward to him carrying lots of stuff at his 1st event in April.
– Hoser carried me like I was 50 lbs.  And he also carried the 100 lb 2-man log all by himself for 1/2 a mile! #Beast

– Be sure to check out our regional website.  All local information is on that!  The events page is jammed!!  Try to attend CSAUPS, 2ndF events, convergences, etc!!!  So much more than a workout group!!
– Get on Q sheets for February, and March!
– FNG days, HDHH, Team Dad, Ultimate Mud Run – lots of stuff!
– Bible/Leadership study again this coming Tuesday
– BUY YOUR M’s and CBDs and DAUGHTERS and MOMs and MOM-in-LAWs, flowers/chocolates, write them a card, make them know how special they are!!!!


EVIDENCE (other men had Slack DM’d me or texted me with their HC’s):

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