Let’s Run! #TheRepublic

Let’s Run! #TheRepublic

Workout Date:





Super Dave, Peach, Bigwheel, Mayem, Saved by the Bell, Grasspatch, Straplock, Postal, Tag Team, Recount (QIC)

The Thang:

The Thang:

Conditions: 73 and Muggy

5:15 Disclaimer

PAX were paired up and given a piece of paper with a code word accompanied by 4 numbers. They were given a minute to memorize and were told they would have to recite at the end of the beatdown.

10 – Side straddle hop

10 – Jump Squat

20- Side straddle hop

20 – Jump Squat

30- Side straddle hop

30- Jump Squats

.67 mile run to a parking lot with an incline

PAX started at the bottom of the parking lot and were required to do the following:

Sprint to 3rdline, jog back, 10 squats

Sprint to 5thline, jog back, 10 lunges

Spring to 7thline, jog back, 10 squats

Sprint to 9thline, jog back, 10 lunges

Sprint to 11thline, jog back, 10 squats

Sprint to 13thline, jog back, 10 lunges

1 minute high plank

15 flutter kicks

.67 mile mosey back to starting point

PAX were asked to pick a number between 1 and 5. 4 was picked, leading to a 4 minute wall sit.

Bring Sally Up and Bring Sally Down was played for 3 minutes while PAX did squats

10 burpees

PAX were asked to recite their code work and string of numbers. All teams were able to recite.

Prayer Requests:

Superdave’s Daughter

Goldberg’s Child

Grasspatch’s Family

This was my first Q but definitely not my last. Thanks to all the PAX for allowing me to lead you and get better while doing so.



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