Level Up.

Level Up.

Workout Date:





Headgear, Stewie, flow, Huey, Wolverine, Patty Mayo(DR), Jingles (respect), Bubbles.

The Thang:

AO Warthog! 0500 Beautiful 64, 70% humidity. Feels like spring. In the middle of summer.
Arrived for my pre run warm up to find a stud of a bro, stretching out in the parking lot, Good mornings exchanged and I asked if he was down range.
sure enough , form F3 Hickory Patty Mayo, he advised he wanted to pull at least 3 miles before the work out.
I told him good luck, I’m head to run sprint intervals, we parted ways. Patty off in the gloom, me over to the track, where after a short warm up of .5 miles. Form out of the gloom parking lot came Jingles, who is in love….. awwwwee!!!! And wants to impress his new love, cause she runs. Hey man whatever floats your boat. As long as you are getting better. We ran about .5 with sprints and jogging, when I noticed it was 0520, I need to go plant the flag and circle up for welcomes.
Huey pulls up with flow, and he advised us that Gino(who didn’t show up) had taunted Huey into coming, but he him self was not there this morning….. I don’t take kindly to a brother telling a bother to show up…. then fartsack…. I might have a word with Gino next time I see him.

0530 time was called and disclaimer given.

the Thang


25 SSH

5 burpees

15 Imperial walkers.

15 merkins in Cadence

5 burpees

20 LbAC forward

20 LbAC revers

Squat over head press 20


Mosey to bridge.

T.T.T 15

5 burpees

20 squats OYO m

5 burpees

15 merkins in Cadence


5 burpees


Mosey to garage

First level

Partner up,

Wheel barrow up half way,

Switch partner.

At the landing

5 burpees

10 hand release merkins.


20 Carolina dry docks

Second level

Lungs walk

5 burpees

10 diamond merkins

15 LBCs

20 double count flutters

Level 3

Bear crawl

5 burpees

10 wide arm merkins

15 Freddie Mercury’s

20 squats

Level 4

Jail break

5 burpees

10 walk out merkins

15 hatchling butterfly funky Buddha.

20 SSH

At the top Conveyor belt

learned this form Texas Ranger on Monday at Bomb-squad. One HIM is the timer.
lined up one man bear crawls to a spot and back after calling out an movement.
did a lot of at work some merkins, and wall sits, balls to the short wall. I had Wolverine finish us off with some old school foot ball up downs.
mosyed back down the stairs and off to the AO.


Dragon boat race,

salty gears

beach Blocks and bells,

and a new possible AO in surfside….

Bubbles been doing work out there.

Name O Roma

prayers for the continued strive in the country, spoken and unspoken.


AYE always an Honor to lead,

As the AOQ I want to be better and lead this group as best I can.
May you write your worries in sand chisel your victories in stone.


Over and out.


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