Like Blind Melon said… No Rain

Like Blind Melon said… No Rain

Workout Date:





Side Out, Penguin, First Base, Jeter, Judge Judy, Hedgehog, Tandem

The Thang:

Earlier in the week the forecast was an 80% chance of rain Thursday morning, so naturally I prepared a rain Q. Weds night the forecast hadn’t changed much, so I went to bed planning on being under the overhang. At 4:30 the radar showed a huge dry window from 5am to 6:30, go figure. Since my “dry” Q had lots of laying down I figured I’d spare the Pax who made it and not make them lay in the puddles that came from the 3am showers… So under the awning we went.

Today was all about circuits and fast pace. There were 10 exercises posted at each column. When the last person finished their exercise, the group rotated to the column to their left.

Exercises were: 30 curls, 15 HTH, 25 Merkins, 20 Lunges, 15 Outlaws, 30 OHP, 50 jump rope, 30 LBC, 20 1-arm row, 30 Mountain Climber.

After Circuit 1, we did a lap around the church and circled up at the Cross. I forget the name of this exercise but you do one Merkin, then from your knees you do 4 OHP. Then 2 Merkins, 8 OHP. 3 Merkins, 12 OHP, etc until we did 8 merkins and 32 OHP.

Did another lap and completed a second circuit of 10 exercises under the overhang.

To finish up, we formed 2 lines 50 yards apart and did relay sprints. With 8 guys running you had roughly 1 minute of recovery before your sprint. Each guy did 3 sprints.

Jog back to COT, did some Mary: Freddie Mercuries, BBSU, Pretzel Crunches, Box Cutters, flutter kicks. At Catapult we celebrate our farts, but today Judge Judy’s fart was nothing to celebrate. Sounded wet and painful.

Announcements: blood drive tomorrow. Sign up and give. Or don’t sign up and just show up. Orthodox Church on CF Blvd across from Catapult/Bombsquad. Jeter going over the edge for charity. Set yourself a reminder for 1st week of Jan to throw a few bucks his way, details on Slack.

Prayers- several families in the community grieving. Jeter’s fiance’s parent recovering from surgery.

The challenge for each guy present this morning was to reach out to someone they haven’t talked to in a while (family member, friend, whoever). Call, text, doesn’t matter. Just reach out and reconnect.

Have a great day men.