Little bit of this and that

Little bit of this and that

Workout Date:



Candy Cane


Candy Cane (QIC), Drifter, Hamburglar

The Thang:

YHC was running behind this morning and after checking slack the night before figured there would at least be two there at the Hulk waiting since two pax responded with 👍 on slack. I rounded the curve coming up to the Hulk lot to find neither of the two that I expected and saw Drifter patiently waiting for someone to show. After some quick mumble chatter and 5 o’clock upon us it was time to go with a plan of miles, bridgework, and some runway light action. We were about halfway over the bridge when my watch started ringing and sure enough hamburglar like I was running behind so we circled back to pick up the 6 and went along with the same plan. 56 min later all pax had put in 6.4 miles, got to hear a few hamburglar stories, and realized we needed to work hills in more because the BRR training was far behind us and the small hill felt like mountains again.