Lone Ranger No More

Lone Ranger No More

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Texas Ranger


Rocky Top, Vitamin D, Brown Bag (Respect), Quaker, Skidmark (AOQ), The Intern, El Red Cardo, Pikachu, Sade, Skimmer (Respect), O'Doul's, FNG Steve (Rainbow Dash), Texas Ranger (QIC)

The Thang:


70’s, 80ish % humidity! (Texas guys aren’t used to this kind of humidity)

YHC got to the AO early to set up some cones for the coming beatdown and to check out the coupon situation. I had planned to use some pallets, but all of the glorious pallets that Handy dropped off are now gone and we are down to 2 kinda crappy ones… hmm that won’t work… i’ll think of something. #Modify

Got over to the shovel flag area and saw Quaker’s truck already waiting for me which was a great sign. I put it out on twitter the day before that I fully expected to at least double my numbers from last week’s Village Q (see the “One Man Band” backblast if you missed out) and Quaker, being the true #HIM that he is, fulfilled that request! Glad to see the rest of the PAX start rolling in as we got closer to 0530. Our numbers swelled to 12 PAX including an FNG and then 13 when ERC showed up during the warmup! (He tried to sidle in, but that pack of Tic Tacs that we snuck on him is working).

13 times the number of PAX from a previous workout has got to be one of the best improvements in F3 Grand Strand history (top 5 at least)!

Quick intro and disclaimer given and we’re off!


SSH x 25 IC, LBAC x 20 IC, LBAC IR x 20 IC, Predator Squats x 15 IC, IW x 15 IC, TTT x 20 IC, Windmill x 20 IC, Indian Run around the AO finishing at the coupon pile

The THANG – 
Partner up for some modified DORA 


P1 – Blockees/Manmakers

P2 – sprint 75 yards and back

Switch and repeat until finished


P1 – Squats

P2 – Sprint 25 yards and bear crawl back


P1 – LBC

P2 – Suicides (25 yards and 50 yards)

Now that everybody is nice and warmed up, let’s head to the field!

THE BEAST – 6 exercises, 6 stops, 6 reps

I had set up cones at 25, 50, and 75 yards. Sprint to 25 yd cone, 6 reps, sprint to 50 yd cone, 6 reps, sprint to 75 yd cone, 6 reps, and work your way back to the start.

Exercise 1 – Merkins

Exercise 2 – Lunges

Exercise 3 – Diamond Merkins (in honor of One Call)

Exercise 4 – BBSU (or LBCs if you had to modify)

Ran out of time for exercises 5/6 – I’ll have to push the pace harder next time!

5 Min. of Mary with some Pax choice


Crunchy Frogs x 15 IC – YHC

Carolina Dry Docks – Vit D

Slow Flutters – Brown Bag (killer)

Heels to Heaven – Quaker

Peter Parkers/Spiderman Merkins – Skidmark


Count-O-Rama – 13
Name-O-Rama – Named FNG Steve as Rainbow Dash since he was a self proclaimed Unicorn I think… that led to My Little Pony obviously.

Announcements – Memorial Day Murph workouts at BombSquad AND Warthog, so pick one, go to both, its up to you… just post somewhere! Pikachu on Q at Catapult tomorrow, Q Source after the Village beatdown tomorrow, Handy Manny on Q (#Legend), The Intern on Q for Saturday BombSquad (he likes to punish everybody with that extra 15 min).
Prayer requests – Unspoken
BOM by Vit D


TClaps to Rocky Top for bringing FNGs on back to back days! Shoutouts to O’Doul’s and Pikachu for branching out of Catapult and giving their all  in the workout today. Great to see Sade come back for some more punishment. Great mumble chatter and effort by everybody as always!



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