Longest 60 minutes ever

Longest 60 minutes ever

Workout Date:





Fergie(R), Karma(R), Flash

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: warm 70 degrees and clear

Took this Q spot from Fergie since he was hurt and since my first F3 post was on or around today, four years ago. Fergie was the only PAX to HC even though his knee has been bothering him. I knew CandyCane was pre-running 10 miles at BombSquad and something told me that might be a good idea so I started out with an early run at 0515 and got my ten miles in. I thought about where our Jax Star Course Crew of Quaker, Penelope, Flop and Rousey would be at this point and I was really glad I wasn’t rucking 26! As I came back down Forbus, things looked empty but I then saw Fergie’s Jeep. Then Karma pulled in. I am thinking that maybe these guys will just want to grab some coffee since that 10 miles took a lot out of me. Then Flash rolled in! What? Haven’t seen Flash in a while! I guess we’ll be getting after it today! Fergie strolls up from his pre-walk with a knee that looked like a cantaloupe! Wow, we’ll see how this goes. Karma told us that he was looking for a strong beatdown! Let’s go!

2 minute warning


Today’s workout will be themed around the 5 Core Principles of F3:

Free of Charge

-Freedom Run from the Shovel Flag to the Hill-  Charge the Mound – continue on the the lake and around to the palm trees

-IW x15 IC

-SSH x15 IC

-TTT x10 IC

-Windmills x10 IC

Open to ALL Men

-Moroccan Nightclubs x15 IC

-Some men like to run – Run – continue to run around the lake back to the truck

-Some men like moving heavy things – 4 Coupons – Ruck w/ 30 lbs, 40lb Sandbag, 60 lb Sandbag, 45 lb Kettlebell

Rotate through

-Ruck Overhead Press

-Kettlebell Swings

-Overhead Sandbag Toss w/ 40lbs

-Sandbag Cleans w/ 60lbs

First round, 1 minute each with 10 sec break.  2nd Round 30 sec each with 15 second break, 3rd round 30 sec each with 30 second break.   Karma broke out as soon as the coupons came out for his own burpee mile until we moved to the playground but continued to provide mumblechatter as the rest of us moved heavy things.

-Some men train for Obstacle Course Races – playgound 3 sets – 5 pull ups 15 BBSUs

Held Outdoors Rain or Shine, Hot or Cold

-Pavilion because sometimes we retreat here when it rains

-100 step ups – Get Ready for Chad 1000x

Peer Led

-There were no new PAX today but we did a short Q school anyway

Headgear – SSHs x 15

Fergie – Merkins x15

Karma – Tempo Merkins x10

Flash – Seal Jacks x 15

Ends with COT

-4 PAX

-Announcements – Chad 1000x next Saturday 11/12 at Warbird Park.  Christmas Party at Waterway Palms December 3 – FreedToBleed coming up in December.

-Prayer Requests – Spoken and Unspoken


Grateful for each of these men that showed up and for each of you that I get to post with across the GrandStrand and beyond!  I started F3 four years ago and I never considered myself a sad clown but F3 and each of you have pushed me in some way to become better.  Thank you!  Go spread this thing that we know about!