“M” Rigmarole

“M” Rigmarole

Workout Date:



Papa Smurf


Cheezy Biscuit, Papa Smurf

The Thang:

Conditions: Mid 70’s, Humidity mid 70’s with slight southern breeze.

My first Q since returning from Mexico vacation. Being with family and “Roadrunner” which I shared on Slack was all Papa could ask for. Just ask me and I will share some family photos. Since I’m the New Directions Q in the AM and it was the two of us, we saved some energy for tomorrow.

Flag planted and lights on, the two of us circle up!!

1 minute warning

At 0530, the DISCLAIMER was given.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

BBSU x 20 IC

Mt Climbers x 20 IC

Boxcutters x 20 IC

TTT  x 20 IC

Mosey to baseball field

The Cooper

10 Burpees/10 Squats/10 (run to cone and back 50yds)

9 Burpees/  9 Squats/ 9 Merkins (run to cone and back 50yds)

Down to 1 Burpee/1 Squat/1 Merkin

Mosey to picnic table

Derkins x 20 IC

Incline Merkins x 20 IC

Dips x 20 IC

Step-Up x 20 (10 each legs)

LBC’s x 20 IC




BOM by YHC –a humble prayer for our kids, wives, families who constantly remind us what life is all about. Grace & Peace <><


In the end,our meaningless discourse reminded the two of us how blessed we are to have M’s in our lives that love us unconditionally. AMEN


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