Main Street, USA

Main Street, USA

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Bling, Lombardi, Varsity, Bubbles, Franklin, Vladimir, Hoser

The Thang:

Creating the workout last night, I was under the assumption we would be in the rain the entire workout!  So, I planned accordingly- but as the good Lord had it, the rained held off and the 50 degree overcast morning was great.  Pulled in at 5:20 and saw both Bubbles and Hoser in cars, probably sleeping.

Rest of the crew pulled in, we all congratulated Lombardi on his “Agent of the Month”,  and since I didn’t have a watch (never do) Bubbles informed me we were less than 1 minute out!  troops rounded up, disclaimer given, intro made.  Informed group this was a “rain workout” and mostly under cover……so here we go

Mosey to the picnic tables, undercover.  the ladies had the large area, so we took the smaller area- adjusting on the fly!  circle up around the tables

Thru tunnel IC 20 count

Arm circles front IC 20 count

Imperial Walkers IC 20 count

Art circles back IC 20 count

Dips (on table bench) IC 20 count

Bragg Cherry pickers (demo) IC 20 count

Overhead claps IC 20 count

30 Crunches OYO

Indian Run over to the parking garage by PF Chang/Nacho.  (this is where our title comes from, as Hoser was poking fun at me for calling all the roads “Main St”. Whatever Hoser, we all know were we are going…..I hope.

Informed the group to partner up, I was odd man out, but feelings weren’t hurt too badly.  Mentioned our Capital ruck and the WOD we did there- so I thought of incorporating into our workout!  partners stood about 30 yards apart and bear crawled to each other- when face to face (scary thought) they would do partner Merkins and slap hands at the top.  10 count on the Merkin and bear crawl back to start.

Next set was lung to each other and partner burpee.  clap hands at the top of the Burpee- 10 count.  Lunge back

Repeat this same 2 part series over.  Heard a few grumbles, it was either Hoser or that homeless lady who lives in the garage, they both sound the same.  Last station was partner squats.  I joined Lombardi and Hoser for a 3some……..then we all did 30 squats together.

stay with partner for a formation run (GoRuck) down Main st, turning on 1st Ave to head to the other parking garage near the movie theater.  10 count rest as the group was wheezing…..

partner 1 did a wall sit- partner 2 did 25 squats.  Partner 1 did the counting so there was no “mistakes”. then switch positions.  Next, partner 1 planked while partner 2 did 25 SSH- with partner 1 counting.  repeat this 2 part series over.  grumble, grumble…..

last set was partner 1 doing AMRAP flutters at the bottom.  partner 2 would bear crawl up the garage slope, take the stairs down on the far side, and karaoke the bottom floor straightaway back to the start.  then Partner 2 would have to do MORE flutters than partner 1 did initially.  Accountability!!  We were smoked.  Varsity gave me the 6:05 time- so we had to move.

Indian run back to home base.  but we started the run by going up the garage slope, and down the stairs again.  out of the garage, a left onto Main St, a right onto Main Ave, and back to the fields, where they might have been a flag planted.  (Very dark to see…..)

On our 6 in the parking lot for 1 last push.  6” as I called up/down/spread the legs (insert comment from Hoser) for the last couple ,minutes………TIME

Lombardi split after Name-o-rama, announcements given, prayed us all out for a safe week and health to us all.

Love leading these men- thank you!


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