Makeshift ELITE Friday at The Plank

Makeshift ELITE Friday at The Plank

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Candy Cane, Castaway, Weasel (QIC)

The Thang:

Well, Well, Well…. I  pulled up the old Q Sheet last week and noticed that The Plank was empty for this Friday so i slid my name in there and have been looking forward to getting to utilize Doug Shaw Stadium to its full potential.  I have been to The Plank quite a few times and its always a good showing.  I get to the AO about 10 Mins early to set up and see Castaway already knocking out a preruck around the track.  HAD i known he intended on doing that YHC may have joined him.  I set up some cones and Candy Cane shows up shortly after.  With about 2 mins to go before show time, we are all looking around…..  “Where is everyone at” Can it be that everyone went to Every Man a Warrior this morning?  Anyways… With only the 3 of us, i made a split second decision and went for the gusto… About time to bring back ELITE FRIDAY.  So I concoct a quick plan and execute.

Weather was nice this morning.  70 and the humidity was not terrible at all.


Instead of the normal SSH is the very first exercise routine YHC decide to change it up this morning.  I grab the PAX and we Mosey around the track.  We knock out (1) Lap and head to the Bleachers for a Set of Stadiums up and down each set of stairs..  And mosey back to the 50 yard line.

30 Yds-

Lunge and Hold with Trunk Twist at Bottom Down, Reverse Lunge and Hold Back

Side Lunges Down and Back

Karaoke Down and Back

High Knees Down, Butt Kicks Back

Alright, Heart rate is up lets do this…


50 Yds Marked every 5 Yards.  Pax runs to line and back like a typical suicide just w/ (1) Exercise Rep at 1st Line, (2) at 2nd,…… (10) at 10th…  Get it?  We did 3 Rounds with a cool down lap between each set.

1st Round- Merkins (55 Total)  Run Lap

2nd Round- Big Boys (55 Total) Run Lap

3rd Round (Extra Special)-  Took the boys to get a Coupon for Overhead Press, and Carry Block w/ you the whole time.  This time we upgraded to muliples of 2 at each line.  (110) Reps Total

Put the blocks up and we have about 5 mins left so we mosey’d to the start and knocked out some well deserved stretching.

Cast Away and Candy Cane Killed it.  A couple of Excellent Him.  Candy Cane did a extra set on the Overhead press just so he could lap me.. Jokes on you i didnt mind..  Glad you fellas enjoyed!!

3 Pax

Name- O- Rama


Q SOURCE STARTS ON TUESDAY NEXT WEEK-  Read It, and jump on and enjoy the first session instructed by none other that ONECALL himself.

Prayer Requests- unkown

I led us out




Weasel Out.



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