Makin Divots

Makin Divots

Workout Date:





Wonton, Grass Patch, Pod Cast, Etch-a-Sketch, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

Toy list:
1-25lb KB
1-30lb KB
4-40lb KB
2-50lb KB
1-70lb KB

2-20lb DB
2-25lb DB
2-35lb DB

Barbell loaded at 185lb
Curl Bar laoded at 85lb
200lb Tire and 20lb Sledge
80lb Heavy Bag

With over a 1000 lbs of weight to move around this morning the AO countinues to grow. I rolled up a little early to see if I could find a dry spot to post up rather than getting muddy but not much luck with that. PAX didnt seem to mind but we will continue to explore options to see if anything else works better. During this work out we lined up the KBs and dumbbells in order lightest to heaviest having three set of KB pairs this go round. During our last Riviera meeting Hoedown pointed out to the PAX that they should be making an effort to do the pulling motion of your typical back and bicep exercises becuase we dont do that very often in our bootcamps and you want to stay balanced. Because of that we focused heavily on back and shoulders with the pull motion. Everyone has seemed to really like the interval timer method so we stuck with that again at 25 second exercises and 5 seconds to switch for each round. Hopefully as we get more regular guys continue to show up we will get some others to Q so we can get a little variety in exercises and methods. It was a pleasure to lead the group, if anyone is interested in sowing up and Qing please let me know!!

1. Swings with all KBs and Presses with Dumbbells
2. Clean and Press KB pairs, Tricep Extensions with single KBs and dumbbells and 185lb Deadlift
3. Bent over rows with all KBs, Curls with Dumbbells and Heavy bag pull (Row)
4. Shoulder press with doubles, tricep extensions with single KBs as well as dumbbells and Tire flip
5. Good Mornings with all KBs, Curls with Dumbbells and Sledge & Tire
6. Goblet squats with single KBs, Regular Squats with KB pairs, Man Makers with Dumbbells, and Pull overs with heavy bag and curl bar
7. Goblet Lunges with Single KBs, Curls with Dumbbells and Sledge & Tire

Announcements: Christmas Party, check website or get with PodCast.

Prayer Request
Shannon Holbrook
Sierra Hammond
Etch-A-Sketchs Pastor and his family

Devotion: Proverbs 21:5 (Hard work and Work Ethic)

Prayed for the group

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