Man Down

Man Down

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Candy Cane


Candy Cane (QIC), Boxcar, Baggage

The Thang:

With the Spartan race coming up this weekend YHC decided that today was the perfect day to push the pace and distance one last time before coasting through the week. After posting the plan on slack there was no surprise that no one would HC at first. A few texts and two HCs later I knew it wouldnt be just me and I was able to sleep easy.

In typical Tiny Dancer fashion he ”jinxed” himself by giving an HC via text and he was out so now down to YHC plus two. I pulled into The Hulk with 5 min to spare and found Baggage and Boxcar bundled up like it was cold or something so of course in true CC fashion a little trash talking soon followed. Somewhere in the mix of trash talking, plans for the Spartan race, and various other topics YHC let the pax know of the plan to run to/past Ruth Chris and back.

0 min warning and we were off with a simple plan/route so all that was left to do was get after it. Baggage and I seemed to be averaging an 8:15 pace and Boxcar was having some trouble with breathing so he settled in at 8:30. Throughout the route we kept within sight of each other until we got to Ruth Chris when Baggage looked back and Boxcar was no where to be found. After backtracking and realizing we must have missed him turn around it then became a race to catch him before he made it back so our 8:15 pace turned into 6:15-6:30. About .25 mile into our new pace we decided we werent slowing up till we caught up and I guessed that would take us about 2 miles especially after backtracking and at the time Baggage was game or so he thought. 1.5 miles later breathing was getting heavy so I checked in to see what his HR was at and sure enough he was at 196 and ”would love to slow down”. We eased back to 7:30 and kept cruising back to the start hoping that we hadnt lost a man and also now I was hoping I wouldnt lose two but Baggage is a stud and his young heart held strong. We make it back to the bridge and low and behold Boxcar was seen in the headlights trotting along like we hadnt been searching for him for the past 30 min.

We all made it back with 5 min to spare and then filled him in on how we thought he was a goner and then time was called.

Announcements: Christmas party/convergence

Baggage prayed us out